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Woh Toh Hai Albela 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Saroj’s Unexpected Act

Woh To Hai Albela Nov 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Rashmi thinks Sayuri is coming to pick her up for the puja today. She sends a message to Nakul that they will do their first pre-wedding bid together. Kanha goes to her room and sees Sayuri applying aalti / red color to her feet. He helps her and tells her that she looks very beautiful. The song Ek Dil Hai Edge Jaan… plays in the background. Sayuri says that if her romance is over, let her come down and organize her bid. Kanha recalls that Saroj refused to let Sayuri participate in the preparations for the bid.

Sayuri walks downstairs with Kanha expressing her excitement about organizing the bid for her sister and SIL. They walk to the house temple and find Tej already preparing the chowki. Sayuri admires Tej’s talent, while Kanha senses Saroj’s intention to keep Sayuri away and thus asks Tej to decorate the chowki. She says that Sayuri will perform the rest of the rituals while she taunts Saroj.

Sayuri goes to find Rashmi and is happy to see Rashmi wearing the gifted saree. Indu and Bhanu also praise that Rashmi looks beautiful. Sayuri takes Rashmi to the puja. Yash prepares for the puja in a heavy sherwani. Kanha enters to lead them, talks to them and touches their feet according to the rituals. Yash says that we are friends first and there is no better relationship than friendship. Back home, Nakul and Rasham, Kusum and Yash sit down for the puja. Yash receives a call from his client to urgently deliver some documents. Saroj asks Kanha to hand over the documents in return. Sensing Saroj’s plan to prevent Sayuri from attending the puja, Kanha walks away.

Saroj sends Sayuri to make three types of kheer. Indu and Bhanu comment that they have never seen Choudhary family use 3 types of kheer for puja. Saroj believes that he had to do this for the better future of Nakul and Kusum and remembers how he called Yash’s office and managed to send Kanha. Sayuri quickly prepares kheer while Kanha waits for Saroj to allow Sayuri to participate in the bidding. Nakul waits for Kanha and Sayuri and tells Rashmi that her worship is incomplete without his brother and her SIL. Rashmi gets jealous like always. Kanha arrives at Yash’s office and takes the files.

Precap: Saroj slips and drops Pooja’s plate.
Saori holds him up. Kanha tells Saroj that if Sayuri can’t attend any puja, she won’t either.

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