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Woh Toh Hai Albela 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Kusum And Rishi’s Marriage

Woh To Hai Albela Oct 27, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Rishi’s father gets angry and tells Saroj to humiliate his family through his children. Saroj begs to spare his family. The father threatens to call off Rishi and Kusum’s marriage. Rishi says that it’s not Kusum’s fault if her brother misbehaved with him, he really loves Kusum and already considers her her wife. Vaishali leaves quietly. Kanha stops him and says that she knows that Rishi must have threatened him, but that he shouldn’t worry about her as he will protect her; She should go back and reveal the truth. Vaishali says that the truth is what she said inside of her and asks her to never see him again.

Kahana returns to find that the rounds are already over. He goes to her room angry and feels helpless for not saving Kusum from Rishi. Sauri tries to appease him. Saroj calls out to them and asks Kanha to touch Kusum and Rishi’s feet. Kanha hesitates. She stands firm. He takes Kusum’s hand and apologizes to her for not protecting her. Sayuri also apologizes to Kusum for not protecting her. Kanha warns the sage not to let tears come to his sister’s eyes or else he will not forgive the sage. He touches Rishi’s feet and then says goodbye to Kusum. Kusum throws the rice according to the ritual. Kanha uses it and takes an oath to protect Kusum. Sayuri returns to Nakul and asks him what he has in her hand. Kanha says that it is a promise to herself to make sure Kusum is safe. They support it.

Rishi goes to a party with his friends. Friends ask her why she is drinking on her wedding night. Rishi says that Kusum is not beautiful and that he married her only for her money and treated her like a slave. Kanha and Nakul hear him hide and get angry. Rishi slips on the carpet and hurts himself. He sees Kanha and Nakul and thinks that they have hurt him and that he will now punish his sister. Kusum thinks that she has gotten herself into this mess and must accept her fate or find a way out. Kanha and Nakul believe that Karma killed the sage.

Sayuri tells her son that everything will be fine soon. Kamna returns and tells how Rishi was misbehaving with Kusum. Sayuri calls out to Kusum. Seeing Rishi enter, Kusum disconnected the call. Sayuri disconnects the call. Rishi orders Kusum to pick up the phone and tells her that Rishi is tired and has fallen asleep even as she goes to sleep. Unable to bear the smell of alcohol from her mouth, Kusum tries to avoid it. He takes Sayuri’s phone and tells her that she is fine, Rishi is sleeping because he is tired, she is going to the post-wedding ceremony and will call him tomorrow. Rishi admires her and becomes romantic with her. Sayuri tells Kanha that she thought Rishi was close to her and forced Kusum to say so.

Precap: Kanha asks Rishi to let him stay behind if Kusum is injured. Rishi says that he will also stay with Kusum. He tries to touch Rashmi inappropriately. Sayuri notices this and pushes Rashmi aside.

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