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Woh Toh Hai Albela 27th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sayuri and Kanha Spent Quality Time Together

Woh To Hai Albela Aug 27, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Sayuri expresses her love for Kanha and considers him her husband. Kanha gets romantic. Sayuri blushes and steps aside. The song Lo Safar Shuru Hogaya… plays in the background. Kanha pulls Sayuri to him, picks her up and dances. She is seen with Krsa written on her hand. He takes her hand and leads her to the bed. they complete The next morning, Sayuri, lying in Kanha’s arms, feels lucky to be Albela Kanha’s wife. She gets ready after taking a bath and returns to Kanha. Kanha pulls her back and says that she should have understood that she can’t get away from him. Sayuri pushes him away and goes to make breakfast.

Sayuri goes to the kitchen and finds Kusum already there. Kusum makes fun of him because she forgets the moment when he is newly married. Sauri is embarrassed. Kusum says that he is preparing the halwa and hopes it will be as tasty as Saroj’s ready halwa. Sayuri says that her marriage to Kanha is on the right track and she hopes that Saroj will soon accept her as a Bahu/DIL. Kusum says that Saroj will do it soon.

Kanha calls out to Sayuri. Sayuri says that Kanha asks for tea. Kusum probably says something else and asks her to accept Kanha’s call. Sayuri panics and answers the phone. Kanha holding a towel asks him to come get her towel. Sayuri puts her right on her bed. Kusum asks her to go get a towel for Kanha and not to worry about cooking. Sayuri goes to the room. Kanha gets romantic. Sayuri returns to the kitchen. Kanha calls him back to find her toothpaste. Kusum asks him not to worry about Gook. Sayuri is back in the room and Kanha is getting romantic again. Sayuri returns to the kitchen and sees that Kusum has already cooked. Kusum tells her not to worry about the food and to pay attention to Kanha.

Kanha thinks about making Sayuri happy. He calls Indu and asks her for something. Indu says that it is impossible. Kanha blackmails him into complying with his son-in-law’s demand. Indu hesitantly agrees. Sayuri eats breakfast at the dining room table. Kanha walks up to her and gets romantic there. She asks him to behave like the elders. Dhanraj and Tej went down to breakfast. Sayuri looks for their blessings and asks what they would like to have. They give their preference. Saroj moves on. Sayuri tries to serve him food. Saroj stops her and tells her that according to the family rule, the women first serve the men food and then take it away. Sayuri says that she wants to change the rules by serving the older ones first and the younger ones second. Saroj refused to change. Kanha handles the situation and says that she has invited the guests to breakfast. Sayuri says that if he had informed her earlier, she would have prepared a special breakfast. The guests arrive.

Precap: Dhanraj praises Rashmi’s smile. Rashmi says that she is Sayuri’s shadow and follows in her footsteps. Hearing this, Saroj becomes furious. Sayuri saw Saroj’s sari burning and set it on fire with her bear hands.

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