Woh To Hai Albela 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha made a big mistake

Woh To Hai Albela 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha made a big mistake

Woh To Hai Albela 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha made a big mistake

Woh To Hai Albela 27th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Chiru’s turmeric ceremony begins. Saroj applies turmeric/turmeric to Chiru and then others. Kanha and Nakul hold Chiru and apply turmeric on his face. Anjali records their video and imagines Kanha applying turmeric to her. Saroj kept an eye on her sons and prayed to God to protect them from the evil eye. Tej says family is like a game of chess, even if a piece is lost, it is difficult to play the game. Dhanraj says that Chiru is the pride of his house.

Sayuri clicks selfies with her sisters. Kusum gives Kanha a silk cloth and asks her to get Sayuri’s handprint on it to keep it in the temple. Kanha feels disappointed and asks why they send him only to Sayuri. Nakul says he will go then. Kanha refused and himself went to Sayuri’s house. Pihu clicked Sayuri’s pictures. Kanha takes the call from him and says that no one can click better pictures than him. Sayuri agrees. Kanha gives the silk cloth to Sayuri and asks her to give her hand impressions on it. Sayuri marks her handprints on it. Kanha slips and accidentally places his hand on the silk cloth. Sayuri gets shocked seeing this and scolds her. Kanha says it was a mistake and unintentionally. Then he goes to the temple and places a silk cloth in front of the idol of the Lord. The cloth flies away due to the strong wind.

Chiru gets upset thinking how to get the gift for Sayuri and tries to get out of the house. Kanha reminds him that he cannot go out before marriage. Chiru says that he needs to get a gift for Sayuri. Kanha says that he will go with them. Chiru agrees. Saroj tells Kusum that she will tie a turban on Chiru’s head and Kusum should help her. Kusum agrees.

Sayuri gets ready for the next function and seeing her sisters ready, she says that she is looking very beautiful. They get emotional and say that she will walk away from them tomorrow. Sayuri says that he will always be there for her whenever she needs him.

Kanha tells Nakul that they should vacate the room as Sayuri will occupy it. Chiru says that the real owner of this room, Sayuri will soon occupy it. Kanha says that he feels bad hearing this. They say that girls leave the house after marriage, but they are also forced to leave their rooms. Chiru is sad seeing them sad and apologizes to them. Nakul says they don’t need to apologize. Kanha says it would happen sooner or later, so he should not feel bad.

Rashmi and Pihu make Sayuri dress up as a bride. Bhanu and Indu praise Sayuri for looking very beautiful. Anjali comes in and even she meets Sayuri. Sayuri is happy to hear them. Anjali leaves saying that wherever they need her help, they should call her. Indu says Anjali is a lovely girl. Rashmi says that her sister will leave her today. Indu gets emotional. Bahu asks everyone to laugh. Indu takes Bhanu to prepare Shagun’s thali. Sayuri gets nervous and thinks that when Chiru is with her she doesn’t have to worry and prays to God that whatever happens will be for good.

Precap: Chiru rides a bike with Kanha and meets with an accident. Sayuri sits in the mandap and waits for Chiru.

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