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Woh To Hai Albela 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Saroj talks about Chiru’s alliance

Woh To Hai Albela 17th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Sayuri loads the carton box when one of the trucks falls. Chiru wears it. His eyes closed. They regain consciousness, and she signals him to leave. Saroj closed her talk after hearing Sayuri singing a hymn. Kusum tells Saroj that Sayuri’s bhajan is over. Saroj apologizes to God for not hearing his hymn as sung by Sayuri. Chiru returns home. Saroj tells her to get ready to celebrate Holi and wake up her brothers. Chiru thinks how to inform Maa about Sayuri and thinks to inform Krishna first.

He goes to Krishna and Nakula and tries to wake them up. Krishna does not want to receive P. Chiru says that he has to wake up early at 6 am from tomorrow and go for jogging. Krishna says he will sleep today. Chiru says there is no water in 2 bathrooms and he is going to take bath first because whoever takes bath first will get to bat first today. Nakul and Krishna quickly stand up and run towards the bathroom. Chiru throws his tooth paste and brush and asks them to brush his teeth first. Nakul goes to Kusum’s bathroom and thinks he will bat first today. Krishna has an idea and takes a bath in the garden, gets ready and goes back inside. Nakul also gets ready and runs downstairs. Saroj asks Chiru to come first as he has the right over his mother first. Krishna deliberately slips and falls. Chiru touched the feet of the mother and said that as long as her blessings are with her, even Yamraj cannot defeat her. Krishna and Nakula further touched the feet of the mother.

Saroj orders the servants to bring the blackboard and says that she will note down the girls’ horoscopes on the board and whichever girl matches Chiru’s horoscope will be selected. Chiru gets shocked hearing this. Krishna and Nakul say that they do not want Chiru to get married as their love will split after marriage. Saroj laughs and says they will never change and asks Indrani’s house to hurry up before the evil eye falls.

Sayuri gives a message to Chiru if he talks to his mother. She helps Dadi to dry clothes and asks Dadi to buy a washing machine. Dadi says if she sits idle then her exercise will stop. Sarui calls Rashmi and Priya to get ready and come downstairs. A romantic novel falls from Priya’s bag and she remains tense. Sayuri says this is all reading age. Priya opens the first page and smiles seeing Nakul’s name written on it.

Indrani plans to marry Sayuri and when she was of Sayuri’s age, Sayuri was already born and Priya was in her womb. Sarui asks if she considers girls a burden for herself. Indrani says she needs to get married at any cost. Dadi suggests Sayuri to find a boy herself. Sayuri blushes. Dadi says that then she will get a boy in her friend list. Rashmi jokingly says that they should get Priya married to Sayuri’s younger brother of Sayuri’s husband. Priya thinks that if Sayuri marries Chiru, she can marry Nakul. Rashmi sees that Sarui’s bag is torn and she asks him to buy a new one. Sayuri ties a band around it and fixes it.

Chiru asks Saroj how he can marry a stranger. Kusum says that since her mother cannot marry her, she wants Chiru to get married soon. Krishna jokes that Kusum wants an NRI groom. Saroj says that she will find the best match for herself or else people will taunt that she somehow frees her step daughter. Kusum asks her not to say that. Krishna jokes whether Chiru likes any girl. He denied. Saroj promises him that he will not take away his right to choose a girl for him. Chiru says that he can look for the girl, but he will finalize one. he agrees. He heartily apologizes to Sayuri that he cannot inform Maa about them or else Maa would blame him. Krishna asks Cheer if he is hiding anything. Chiru refuses. Nakul says it is about some girl.

Sayuri is happy to see her father’s bike back from the garage. She remembers her wealthy father riding Dhanraj’s scooter and exchanging it with his car. Krishna confronts him. From the flashback, she rides the bike when Krishna again bumps into her and their fight starts.

Precap: Saroj asks Chiru to return home early to fix their alliance. Sayuri is shocked to hear this.

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