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Vineeta Singh of Shark Tank India fame talks about trolls and how she deals with them

Successful entrepreneur Vineeta Singh, who became a household name with her stint at Shark Tank India, recently appeared on Chetan Bhagat’s talk show. During the conversation, Vineeta spoke about the trolling she had to face after Shark Tank India. She added that now she knows how to deal with them.

Vineeta said: “It’s been an eye opener for me and I’m very happy about it as there’s little development. Unfortunately that’s a thing. Your looks as a woman are given so much importance. I’ve also accomplished so much in life on Instagram, but when I post something, 95% of the comments are about your looks. It’s one of those things. It’s a by-product of being a girl.”

She added, “Now that I’m the CEO of a company, I feel like even now people just comment on things like ‘You don’t look good enough,’ or ‘You started a makeup company because you look so bad’. Whatever you do, people will find a way to bring you down. I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am now, I’ve struggled, I’ve suffered, and regardless of the industry it’s something that’s well deserved. But now looks are also very important, especially for a woman. Men can get away with thoda sa.”

Vineeta also spoke about makeup, sharing that applying makeup for a girl or woman is about self-love and feeling happy about yourself. She said, “At the end of the day, girls use makeup to please themselves and not others, and if it makes them feel good, it shouldn’t make anyone unhappy.”

For the uninitiated, Shark Tank India is back with its second season.

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