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Uorfi Javed facing a hard time renting a house in Mumbai

Urofi Javed is a name that rose to fame after her time at Splitsvilla and was one of those who knew how to stay in the spotlight even after the show ended. The limelight comes easy to him, but it seems that finding a house for rent in Mumbai has become a Herculean task. The Splitsvilla 14 fame tweeted about the difficulties she faces being ‘single’, ‘Muslim’ and ‘actress’. The combination makes life difficult for many, not just him.

Urfi reveals that neither the Muslims nor the Hindus in the town trust him. Not only this, they are being intimidated by politicians who hinder their way of working and thriving in the industry.

In a social media post she shared today, she wrote: “Muslim landlords don’t want to rent me a house because of the way I dress, Hindu landlords don’t want to rent me because I’m Muslim. Some bosses have problems with the political threats I receive. Find an apartment for rent in Mumbai is very difficult.

Even on social media, they’re not just trolls to them. There are people who like him and sympathize with him. A netizen shared her old tweet (dated July 2022) in which she talked about Urfi facing a similar situation, to which the actress replied, “She’s literally cool, single, Muslim, actress all the time.” .

Several others suggested that he buy a house in the city. There was another who jokingly said, “Ask Shah Rukh. He will help you. Mannat is very big…”

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