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Unravelled mind Rishab Maya MJ Vishal Helly thriller SS Part2

Unsettled mind part 2

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Rishabh was standing near his car with a blank face. Kabir was also there. Maya went to him.

Maya: What happened Rishabh?

Rishabh: My car won’t start, I have to call the mechanic, but I have to go home because it’s my mother’s birthday.

Maya: Don’t worry, I’ll drop you off at home.

Rishabh: Thank you.

Rishabh and Kabir get into the car. Maya started to drive the car.

Maya: They come back together from the office?

Kabir: Yes. Actually, Rishabh drives me home because I don’t have my own car. But I’m saving money. I hope to buy my car before I marry Ruchika.

Maya smiled.

Maya left them at House Luthra.

Rishabh: Thank you Maya.

Maya: No mention.

Rishabh: But you have to come to my house, meet my family.

Maya: It’s okay.

Maya enters with Rishabh and Kabir.

Rishabh’s parents came, Mahesh and Rakhi, sister Ruchika, brother Karan and his wife Preeta.

Seeing Rakhi and Mahesh, Maya touched their feet.

Mahesh: God bless you son.

Maya smiled and said: Happy birthday aunty.

Rakhi and Mahesh were confused.

Rakhi: Thanks, but you…

Rishabh: She is my colleague Maya.

They all smiled.

Rakhi: You are very kind son, seeing us, how you touch our feet, was a good feeling, few young people do this nowadays.

Maya and Rishabh smiled.

Ruchika: Hi, I’m Ruchika.

Maya: Hello… I know you, Kabir told me about you.

Ruchika blushed.

Maya sees Karan and gets excited.

Maya: Cricket star Karan Luthra.

Karan smiled.

Karan: Do you know me?

Maya: Who doesn’t know you? You are a star. I am a great fan of you.

Karan: Now I too have become your fan.

Maya smiled.

Maya: But why are you my fan? I am not a celebrity.

Karan: Karan Luthra is a fan of all her fans, especially the beautiful girls.

Everyone laughs except Preeta.

Preeta turned her face to look at Karan.

Preeta: You can never stop flirting. Are you okay, Mr. Karan Luthra?

Karan laughed.

Karan: Are you a jealous doll?

Preeta: Jealous? No way.

Karan: You’re jealous. When you’re jealous, you look so cute. That’s why I consciously praised Maya to make you jealous.

Preta smiled.

Maya: Nice to meet you all, I’m leaving.

Rakhi: How can you go like this? Today is my birthday. You have to go to my birthday party.

Mahesh: Yes. You can’t leave without attending the party.

Maya: But I’m in my casuals.

Rakhi: Never mind, I’ll give you a sari to wear.

Ruchika: I’ll give you my dress, mother… The sari is very old-fashioned.

Maya: It doesn’t matter, Ruchika. I love saris. Only on special occasions do we get a chance to wear sarees. TRUE?

Rakhi: Look Ruchika… not everyone is allergic to saris like yours.

Ruchika just smiled.

Maya was wearing the traditional sari that Rakhi had given her.

Rakhi: Oh wow, Maya! You look as beautiful as Hema Malini.

Maya smiled: Thanks aunty.

Rishabh is mesmerized by her beauty. She blushed seeing him stare at her.

As Rishabh did not take her eyes off him, Maya called out to him: Rishabh!

Rishabh regains consciousness.

Maya: what?

Rishabh: Nothing, actually you look very beautiful in sari.

Maya left.

He celebrated Rakhi’s birthday by singing the happy birthday song.

Kabir-Ruchika, Mahesh-Rakhi and Karan-Preeta danced.

stay close to your heart
Stay connected with yourself in every breath…
I couldn’t believe myself so much before
Hard times have become easy, now that you’ve come:

let me tell you one thing
you are close to me

Seeing your sense head
Sunti Principal Rahoon Naam Apna:
Seeing your sense head
Sunti Principal Rahoon Naam Apna:

Oh Likh Di Tere Na ‘Zindagi Jaane’
just stay your naal go juriye
stay close to your heart
Stay connected with you every breath

Seeing your sense head
Listen, I keep my name:
yes naam apna

Naal tere ek ghar I thought
When you open your turn, you should be able to see your happiness.
Akhanch Beatan Ratan Sarees
Je man lage te akh na lage

Pyaar hello jaane you love food:
Witch koi aave i love you hello aana:
80s world world ton gate
Hun nal tere all my dreams

Seeing your sense head
Listen, I keep my name on my o…

Draw a long line in the sky with your fingers.
Half your half mine in this world we are two rich

no one can see
you have become a world
Uthan Tanu Takda Jawan
you are my work (x2)

Distances must not be lost even for a moment.
Let’s go around the world and be a tramp again

Seeing your sense head
Sunti Principal Rahoon Naam Apna:
Seeing your sense head
Sunti Principal Rahoon Naam Apna:

stay close to your heart
Stay connected with you in every breath

(Moments close to the heart).

Kabir and Ruchika see Rishabh alone with Maya.

Ruchika: I feel bad seeing Rishab bhai alone. He is alone and alone.

Kabir: Ruchika will find someone.

Ruchika: He has a good relationship with Maya. Is something going on between them?

Kabir: What are you saying, Ruchika? Maya is new to our office and they are just friends.

Ruchika: Oh right.

After 2 months…

Mrityunjay, Maya, Rishabh, Kabir and others attend a press meeting about the new big project their company has received.

Maya and Mrityunjay were talking to the media standing next to each other.

They were talking and laughing too.

Seeing their closeness, Rishabh’s face paled.

Mrityunjay announces: We have taken a big project. To celebrate this happiness, I am organizing a party for all of you.

Everyone was excited.


Everyone was dancing and enjoying the party.

Mrityunjay went to Maya.

MJ: Can I dance with you?

Maya smiled shakily.

Maya: It’s okay.

He took her hand and began to dance with him without taking his eyes off her.

Maya felt very uncomfortable.

Seeing this, Rishabh clenched her fist in anger.

He thought: Why can’t I stand Maya dancing with MJ, sir?

Maya was at home…

Maya remembered Mrityunjay romantically dancing with her, she got irritated, her jealousy turned to anger, she took the knife and angrily said: How dare you? I will kill you MJ.

Suddenly, a man came there.

Her: Maya! What are you doing? Control your anger. If you kill him like that, you’ll go to jail.

Defeat him wisely by ripping off his mask.

Maya: But MJ has to die.

Her: You must die in such a way that no one can find out that you are behind this.

Maya smiled.

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