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Udayiyaan 26 February 2022 Written Episode Update: Tejo and Fateh follow Jasmine

Udayiyaan 26 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Khushbir missing Simran and Kandy. He cries seeing the toys. Gurpreet A. She pacifies him. Tejo comes and finds them sad. She says you both can meet Kandy. She acts like candy. they laughed. She asks them to drink almond milk. Fateh smiles and thinks you always make him smile. Khushbir asks who called the magistrate. Fateh comes and says that Jasmine called him. Gurpreet asks why would she do this. He says that this is a way to take his revenge. She says as long as I don’t have Tejo, I don’t have any other issue. Tejo says we have to take care of American. Khushbir says yes, he is living in fear. Jasmine gets angry and throws the stuff.

Amrik says I am happy that Simran married because of you, I got tea for you. Jasmine throws the tea and refuses to drink it. She goes. He picks up the pieces of the tea cup and tells what happened to him. Fateh washes his bike. Fateh thinks of Tejo and smiles. She comes and grabs him. He turns towards her. Water falls on him. He keeps it. I am yours….play….

He says look how did I shine it, we can see my face in it. She says if Jasmine will see us then she will make us shine too, she is angry, don’t know who is her target. He says we will see. She thinks that this happiness will not last long. Her call comes and goes. Tejo turns to look. Jasmine closes the door of the room and talks to Dara. Tejo comes and hears him. She says you will get money, don’t call me now, message me where to come.

Jasmine takes the money. Tejo asks if she is going to give money to Dara’s wife or anyone else. Fateh says we have to find his game, come. Tejo and Fateh follow Jasmine. Tejo says keep distance, he should not doubt us. He tells her not to worry. She says that if she comes to know about this then it will affect American. He says that everything will be fine soon. Dilraj comes home crying. Satti hugs him and asks what happened. Dilraj says I have fought with Mannu, I was playing with her, her mother was saying that Tejo is bad, she is living in her sister’s house, I got angry. Satti says calm down. Rupi says I will go and talk to them. Harman asks how can you stop them, everyone is talking same thing. Rupi remembers Tejo’s words. Jasmine goes to meet someone. Fateh and Tejo get down from the car. They follow Jasmine. The guard’s call comes and he leaves. Fateh and Tejo reach inside the warehouse. The guard comes and pulls the shutter down.

Fateh and Tejo see Jasmine talking to someone. Jasmine gives money to the man. Tejo clicks pictures. Satti says Lovely and I went for Abhiraj’s relationship, he has scolded us about Tejo. Bebe says this nonsense will stop when we get Fateh and Tejo married, Fateh has won her heart. Rupi gets angry and says don’t say that again, I can’t ruin her life, I know what to do. Tejo drops something. Jasmine hears the voice. She asks Dara to leave the bus. Fateh and Tejo hide. Jasmine asks who is it. Tejo says we should go and see. Fateh says no, Jasmine can see us. She says we could not see the face of that man. Jasmine goes to the guard and says I think someone is there. The guard says no, it must be a mouse. She says check it thoroughly when I go. Tejo says we should go out fast. They try to open the shutter. She says we will find some other way. She calls the guard and asks did you hear any sound, go and check inside, switch off the main switch. Tejo says we have to leave somehow. The guard turns off the light. Tejo falls in Fateh’s arms. The guard comes there to check. The guard asks who is it. Fateh and Tejo hide. They get a window. The guard leaves.

Tejo says now Jasmine’s game will be over, come quick. Jasmine says come, I will drop you in my new car. She asks Amrik to drive faster. Fateh asks Amrik to keep an eye on the truck and apply brakes.

Update Credits: Amena

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