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Udayiyaan 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmine reveals the truth to Amrik

Udaariyan 17 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

Episode starts with Fateh saying that if Rupi was not angry with me, I would have come home and made you wear earrings. Tejo says yes, he did not forget anything. He says I wish he would forgive me, I have hurt both his daughters. She says I am sure you will win her heart one day. He says I cannot live without each other. She tells me too, I can’t be yours without Papa’s consent, we can’t get married unless you heal her wounds. He says I will do everything that he forgives me and gives his hand to me. They hug. He says I don’t want any lie to come between us. She remembers Dara’s words. She thinks I don’t want Jasmine’s life to be ruined again. Jasmine sees Amrik and remembers his words. Jasmine says I am sorry Tejo, I am not strong like you, I cannot tell the truth to Amrik.

Tejo comes home. She takes off her slippers and walks away. The Rupee switches on the Lite. She says you were not asleep yet. He asks can I sleep till you come home. She covers him with a shawl. He says you care about my health but… she says Fateh came to drop me. He remembers Jasmine’s words. He says he doesn’t deserve you, leave him, forget his name. She says you don’t understand that I love Fateh, but unless you forgive me, I will not marry him, I will not marry someone whom I do not love. Fateh says it will not be easy to convince Rupi. Tejo says I loved Fateh with all my heart, you taught me to forgive, I forgave him, you taught me to see goodness of a person, not evil, I am doing this, I will force you into anything. I won’t, my feelings can’t be bigger than yours, I won’t do anything that hurts you, I promise. He blesses her.

Fateh calls Boojo and asks how should I convince Rupi. Bujo says I convinced Khushbir too, I respect him, do something and convince Rupi, otherwise you will die a bachelor. Fateh asks him for a solution. He ends the call. Buzo says he got upset. Its morning, both the families meet at the Gurudwara. American takes Jasmine. Fateh looks at Tejo. Jasmine stumbles. American caught him. Staying with me… plays… Gurpreet and Satti pray. Gurpreet says wish Tejo and Fateh would get closer soon. Sati remembers Rupi’s words. Fateh says I wish I too would come here with Tejo and pray. Tejo thinks he doesn’t know how Amrik will react on knowing the truth. Rupi sees Fateh and leaves.

Fateh prays that he can win Rupi’s heart. Tejo says that Amrik and Fateh’s bond is strong. Jasmine says yes, I remembered our old days, we used to live like this, I realized my mistake. Tejo says strengthen your relationship with Amrik, without trust the relationship cannot be strong, did you talk to him about Dara. Jasmine Signs No. Tejo says you have to have courage, he will forgive you, don’t let this lie come in between your relationship, a lie has created misunderstanding between Khushbir and Rupi, Amrik loves you, he needs to know. Everyone has the right to know it. Jasmine says absolutely not, Fateh and others should not know this.

At home, Jasmine says that I cannot hide this big truth from America. America arrives. He shows red rose and says you like it, well I will put it here. She says I have to tell you something. He asks what happened. She says everyone is treating me well, I have cheated you and lied to you, you did not hit anyone, that accident was fake. American is shocked. She says I wanted to trap and scare you, I just wanted to take revenge from Fateh, I had no enmity with you, believe me, your name is not in police records, I am sorry Amrik. He drops the vase. She says listen to me. He turns back. He says no Jasmine, you cannot do this to me, you did wrong to me and my whole family, you forced them to live in fear, you made me feel guilty. He drags her into the hall. He leaves her in anger. She falls down. Everyone comes. He asks her to tell his truth to everyone. Gurpreet and Khushbir ask what happened. Amrik says he lied to us, no accident happened, no one dead, that man is still alive. They are all shocked. Fateh says I told Tejo that we cannot trust him. Jasmine says please forgive me. Amrik asks her to come out. Fateh says he should know the fear of police and jail, we will send him to jail for cheating and mental harassment. Jasmine is shocked.

Jasmine says I am your wife. Amrik shouts get out of my house. Fateh offers Rupi to help. Rupee refuses.

Update Credits: Amena

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