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Udaariyaan July 26, 2022 Written Episode Update: Tejo finds out about Fateh’s efforts

Udaariyaan July 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Satti asking Tejo to drink some milk. Fateh opens the door and sees Gurpreet. She apologizes. She says I’m responsible for all this, if I hadn’t taken you and Tejo out, Tejo would have been with you today. He hugs her. Tejo says please help me, I don’t remember anything, I don’t know what I did. Sati is crying. Fateh says I need to see if I passed my love test or not, please pray my love doesn’t lose hope. Gurpreet says your love is an example I will pray Tejo comes to you soon her sorrow ends. Satti says don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong, you just did something wrong with yourself.

Tejo says I want to know what happened in these 9 months, why Fateh and I got married, please tell me everything. Satti says okay, I’ll tell you everything, listen to me calmly and try to understand. Tejo nods. Satti, Rupy, Harman and everyone come to Tejo’s room. They all sing Yuhin cut jayega safar… and try to make her smile. Rupy shows her the videos of Fateh taking care of Tejo. She cries.

Jasmine walks in the street. She remembers Fateh’s words. Tejo says I was like a kid these nine months, how did you deal with me? Satti says we don’t, Fateh does, he was your friend, partner, parent, everything, like a bird hides its children under its wings and protects them, Fateh did the same for you. Lovely says Jasmin has done a lot for you too. Tejo asks where Jasmine is. Jasmine falls on the street. She screams and asks why you didn’t grab Tejo’s baby because only I have the right to happiness. She sees a vehicle coming.

Tejo says that Jasmin would be in mourning over Amrik’s death. Satti says yes, she loved him. Tejo says Angad told me that Jasmin uses Amrik for her motifs. Satti says that Jasmin and Amrik were very happy together, Jasmin is… Rupy stops her. He says she went to Sweety’s, she will stay there for a few days. Tejo asks why. He says you think Fateh and they tried to kill her, she found out, she felt really bad, she didn’t want to come in front of you and bother you. Lovely says yes, she has changed a lot, she took care of you a lot. Tejo says that all lives have changed because of me. Bebe says she’s fine. Satti says I’ll get Jasmine tomorrow. Tejo says I want to talk to her. Bebe says maybe she slept, it’s late, talk to her tomorrow.

She says she stays out of the house because of me. Jasmin screams… I’m not afraid of any person or situation, I’ll go to my home, have food and clothes, I’ll take my money, I’m not afraid of Fateh, Tejo didn’t appreciate him. Bebe says Tejo is hurt, she lost her baby, she will be upset when she knows Jasmin is pregnant, we will tell her later when Jasmin talks about Fateh and her marriage which is happening for the sake of the baby, then Tejo will blame himself, we should consider Fateh too, he loves Tejo very much, Tejo is his wife, three lives are at stake.

Rupy says I know this night will be tough for Fateh, until Tejo accepts him he will be restless. Fateh comes there. He says don’t worry Tejo, I didn’t come to bother you, but to breathe the air where you breathe, to hear the silence where you find your answers. She comes out onto the balcony. He’s hiding from her. Tejo and Fateh think of each other. Fateh prays to get a signal when he thinks right. The chakri flies away to him. He smiles. Jasmine comes and hides with him. She thinks this Majnu is here, I can’t even go home. She leaves.

She is talking to her baby. She says everyone forgot about the baby. Satti comes to Rupy. She’s worried about Jasmine. He asks her to fetch her tomorrow. Satti says yes, I will thank Sweety’s mother for taking care of her. It starts to rain. Jasmin sees a car and checks the doors. She kicks the car. The door is unlocked. She gets in and sits down. She cleans the seats. She says where am I stuck, it’s just because of Fateh, I won’t leave him that easily. She remembers Fateh burning her passport and threatening her. She says I left Moga last time, but this time I will stay here and celebrate your destruction, I will take revenge, you will remember me when you die.

The episode ends

Update credit to: Amena

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