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Udaariyaan 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmin leaves Naaz

Udaariyan Sep 7, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Naaz saying that I know you are my maasi, mom tells me where Nehmat is, she is my sister. She goes looking for Nehmat. Nehmat opened the door for Fateh. Fateh walks in and tries to calm her down. She wears her boxing gloves. He motions for her to hit Teddy. Nehmat gets angry and remembers Jasmine’s words. She hits Teddy. She throws away the boxing gloves and sits down crying. Fateh asks if you feel better, you’re like my father. She says you said they’re both not my real mom and dad. She says I didn’t say that. Tejo asks Naaz if she is Jasmine’s daughter. Sati shakes her head. Tejo says Jasmine is back, did dad know? Satti says yes, that he was disappointed, that he didn’t tell anyone, I learned that today. Tejo says that I came to meet Naaz’s mother, she didn’t know that she was Jasmine, Jasmine tells Nehmat that she is not our daughter, she was scared because of that, she told Nehmat the truth, she said that now we lie to Nehmat. She cries. Rupi and Satti worry.

Tejo asks what he wants, why he came. Naaz says that Nehmat is not out of it, did you not take it? Tejo cries. Fateh says that you know that Devaki and Vasudev had to leave Krishna with Yashoda, if Krishna said that Yashoda is not his mother, he knew that Yashoda and Nanda loved him as real parents, they considered them as their real parents, we are grateful to those who gave birth to you, otherwise your mother and I would not have been parents, God did not give Tejo any children, because he wanted you to come into our lives. Nehmat says that the truth is that I am not your daughter. Fateh says we chose you and you chose us. Naaz says that god has chosen you as my maasi. Tejo hugs her.

Naaz says that mom said that I also have a family, I became happy, I have everyone and my sister Nehmat. Fateh says that since you came into our life, we only saw happiness, we also had problems before, if you think that you are not our daughter, then your mother and I will die, we love you very much. He hugs her. Rupi says that Jasmine gave him this letter. Satti asks Naaz to come play with her. They go. Tejo read the letter…. Dear dad, mom, Tejo, I’m sorry I never gave anyone happiness, I should be punished for my mistakes. He can live. As long as I’m here, I’m coming for your life. Roopi says that Jasmine is gone, how can she leave her daughter? He gets angry.

Jasmine writes… You must be cursing me, I just know how I decided this, I want Naaz to be with all of you, if I stay here it won’t happen, everyone hates me. She asks what the hell is he doing, which means, I’m sure, she didn’t think for his son. Jasmine writes… Tejo, you are thinking well of me, I want to give Naaz a good aunt, I know you will love her, take care of her, don’t try to find me, I’m sorry if possible Do it, your Jasmine. Tejo throws the letter away. She questions why Jasmine came back in this state, what about her dreams. She says that he was cheated, he received punishment for her actions. He tells her everything. Tejo cries. Roopi says that I feel sorry for this girl, she has seen a lot in this young age, Jasmine doesn’t go very far. Tejo says yes, we have to find him. Satti comes and asks about Jasmine. Tejo says that he left Naaz with us and leaves. He feels proud and asks why mom didn’t come, call her. Rupi says yes, I’ll call her.

Jasmine is on her way. He receives a call from Rupi. She thinks she’ll be fine if I leave here. She turns off her phone. She pulls out the SIM and throws it away. Tejo says that she may be busy with some work, she will be back soon, you go with them to Roopi’s house. Naaz actually asks if I can go, will you take me? They say yes. Naaz says that I have to wear a beautiful dress, I will meet her for the first time. Sati hugged him. Rupi calls Abhiraj. He asks her to go to the bus stop and look for Jasmine. Abhiraj says but Jasmine… Rupi says don’t tell this guy or anyone. Abhiraj leaves. Jasmine cries. Beeji asks why the lady told Nehmat about Fateh and Tejo. Gurpreet says we don’t know who told him. Tejo comes over and says that Jasmine did this. Khushbir asks when she came here. Tejo says that she too has come and gone. Fateh asks what you’re saying. She says yes, she left her daughter Naaz and leaves, Naaz is a friend of Nehmat, she is Jasmine’s daughter. Rupi and Satti bring Naaz home.

Sati performs her aarti. Naaz asks if these buffalo are ours. Rupi says yes. Satti misses Jasmine. Gurpreet asks what you are saying. Tejo says that I want to meet Nehmat first. Fateh says that he is sleeping. She says I want to see her and she goes to Nehmat. She hugs Nehmat and cries. Fatah arrives. Tejo says that you are my little world, I am nothing without you, if you do not consider me as your mother, then I will die. Fateh and Tejo hug Nehmat.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amena

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