Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat ends ties with Advait

Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat ends ties with Advait

Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat ends ties with Advait

Udaan Feb 4, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Advait saying that you are not what you are thinking. Nehmat calls it enough. Mallika laughs and Nehmat says I swear, I wanted to see you in this mix of feelings, it’s funny, you gave me the same feelings, I gave them back to you, you feel good. Naaz sees the image of Nehmat, Ekam and Mallika. She says the feelings changed, I’ve changed the whole movie. She smiles Let’s remember the words of Nehmat Advait. She says that I didn’t have any relationship with him and still don’t, I was making an unwanted relationship, you are my childhood friend, if you would have told me that you still love him, I would have taken it back, do whatever it takes. . She says I know it happened to you very badly, your dreams were broken one night, our friendship was broken, but I never thought you would do this to me, you can’t fool me, you have a problem, I fooled you, you should have come to talk to me. Mallika says shut up, you stabbed me in the back, I did what you did. Nehmat cries and remembers Naaz. She says I didn’t cheat on you. Mallika says you cheated on me. Nehmat says that we all became the target of someone’s conspiracy, I came there to apologize to you and start over, you didn’t listen to me. Mallika asks him to be quiet. Nehmat saw her bracelet. Mallika and Nehmat watch Advait. Nehmat pulls it out and throws it away. She asks Mallika to see her. She asks if you are cheating on me with this guy, it’s ok you trust him, I got to know the truth from him for the second time, he is a disgusting man, he doesn’t deserve anyone’s trust, there was no hope from him. She scolds Advait.

She asks Mallika to keep it. She says if you feel happy doing this then don’t you know I’m so happy I was living in guilt you both made me happy today thank you so much you both made me happy for this. blame. She cries and says I want you to see Advait’s true face soon, he can’t be faithful to anyone, be together. Advait says you’re not going anywhere. He scolds Mallika. He says that Nehmat is too small for my victory, people will vote for me after seeing his face. Nehmat asks Mallika to see, he changes color, she agreed with him, he is not loyal to anyone. He says I didn’t mean that, I’m telling the truth. Nehmat says what is true, you are not a good person, you only know how to use people, I was a fool to think that you can change, you can never change, I am not part of your politics, I am with you no, I will not help you. He asks her to stop. He says he was trying to change, I didn’t try to cheat, she provoked me, I was guilty, I was just reducing his pain. Nehmat asks how can you do this, you should have divorced me and married her. She joins his hands. She says tell her, have some guts, marry her, if news of the affair gets out, then no one will marry Mallika. Mallika says you don’t have to worry about my life. She scolds Nehmat.

She says she just wanted you to know the pain, how it feels when someone cheats on her. She leaves. Ekam is with Harleen. She asks if you still think about Nehmat, I know you are worried about her. She says that she used to bring Nehmat here, we like tea here, I don’t want tea today. She says that she is now Advait’s wife. He says yes, I am very sorry to talk about Nehmat and hurt you indirectly, but I don’t understand anything, I feel that she is not happy, I don’t trust that guy. I could do it, I think she could do something bad with Nehmat. . Advait stops Nehmat. She says let me go to Mallika. She says enough nonsense, I had no relationship with Mallika, I was taking revenge on her because of Ekam. She is surprised. She says that she told everyone about me and Veronica, dad slapped me, how could I leave him, Mallika came to me and she wanted to have a relationship with me. Nehmat slaps her. Harleen says you’re really good, you can’t forget Nehmat overnight, so he’s fine. Ekam smiles. Advait says you slapped me, you both ruined me. Nehmat argues with her. He says please come home with me. She asks why she should come home, you think women are toys, I’m not your toy, our relationship is over. She looks.

He catches her. He says you forgot what dad said, relationships don’t break in our house. She says dad told you to earn my trust, you had extramarital affairs, I don’t have to put up with you. She says you can’t leave me before the election. She says that if I’m with you, you’ll lose the election. He picks her up. She asks him to leave. She says I’ll tell everyone. He asks her not to get mad. she falls. He prevents her from getting out of her. She falls again and hurts herself. He examines her. She pushes him away. There the fire is lit. She tries to run. He pushes her to stop. Cough alone. Harleen asks him to bring water. She says we’ll go Nehmat, I don’t like your condition, we’d better go there, come, I can do this for your peace of mind, come. He asks are you sure? She says yes, come. Her head jerked. He says sorry. She says give me the keys, I’ll drive. They go The fire engulfs the room. Advait pushes Nehmat away. She falls and is knocked unconscious. He examines her wound. He saw the fire spread across the room. Ekam drives. She asks what happened. She doesn’t say anything, my heart is troubled, this happens to me when Nehmat is in trouble. Harleen thinks about how lucky Nehmat is, Ekam loves her very much, her love will not allow anything to happen to Nehmat. They hope Nehmat is okay.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Amina

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