Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Nehmat and Ekam fight

Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Nehmat and Ekam fight

Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Nehmat and Ekam fight

Udayiyaan Nov 3, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Mallika is shedding tears. Ekam says it’s fine, Mallika, don’t worry. She says it was a mistake. He says that Nehmat will wear only my chunni. He hugs her. Mallika leans back. Mallika is dressed in chunari. Mallika remembers that Baba Ji had said that someone would come between her and her love for her. Advait drinks alcohol with Nikhil. He asks are you alright naaz? He says yes. Advaita’s mother says that I want to be sure of her before making her my DIL. Nikhil says that I love Naaz very much. If someone is instigating you against him, then he is lying. He leaves angry.

Naaz cries. Nehmat asked what happened. She says that Nikhil told me that Aunt Rama will bring her proposal soon. you should be happy. Naaz says don’t do this drama. You and Mallika never want to see me happy. You don’t want me to marry Nikhil, do you?

scene 2
Mallika cries and throws things in anger. Ekam comes to him. He asks what happened? She hugs him and cries. Ekam says tell me what happened? I’ll call Nehmat. She can wipe your tears. Mallika says how will she be when she is the reason for my tears? Nehmat says why should I say something against Nikhil? She had invited him here on Diwali. Naaz says you’re pretending to be innocent and your friend is running around saying mean things about me. Nehmat says what has she done? Naaz calls her and asks what she told Nikhil’s mother about me.

Mallika cries and says that nothing is okay. Because of Nehmat and now my Advaita, Gautam rejected me. Ekam says what are you saying? She says chunri. She says it was an accident. She says it wasn’t an accident. She was so scared. The astrologer said I’ll never get my love. Ekam remembers what she said. He says, how is Nehmat’s fault in this? You are insecure about your love but how is it his fault? He says I know I’m stupid but I’m really scared. And Naaz keeps threatening me.

What does Nehmat say? Mallika said all this? She will trust Advaita and her mother Naaz. Nehmat says that if Mallika has said that she is wrong. I always stopped him when she said something against me. you’re my sister. Naaz says that she is taking my love away from me. Will Nikhil’s mother come here? Nehmat says that she will surely do it. I’ll tell him what a wonderful girl you are. Naaz says that Mallika is her future DIL. Nehmat says what do you want from me? Naaz asks her to choose between her friend Mallika and her sister Ella Naaz. Nehmat says that she is my best friend. She says and I am your sister.

Mallika says that she asks Nehmat if he will never meet Advaita again. Ekam says you’re doubting him? They only know each other professionally. Naaz is doubting you Nehmat. Ekam says to talk to him yourself. She says tell her, please. She will not meet Advaita. Ekam tell me? Okay, I’d say. Mallika hugs him.

scene 3
Ekam and Nehmat fight over Mallika and Naaz. He says that Mallika is my sister. Nehmat says that Naaz is also my sister. They say why do we fight? They say sorry and hug. Nehmat says, but I don’t understand why Mallika said that. Ekam says that Naaz talks about everyone. He says they both don’t understand. they are childish Nehmat says what did Mallika say? He says that she has sent you a message. She said that you should not meet Advaita. He is so funny. Nehmat is surprised. She says that he said that she must be upset. Ekam says why is she upset about that? Nehmat says that I will not meet her and that we have to make friends with Naaz and Mallika. Ekam says that she will make the life of her in-laws hell. Nehmat hugged him. Nehmat remembers what Naaz said.

scene 4
Nikhil says that Naaz heard everything. Mallika provoked you. Are you dissolving poison in this house before you come? Rama says that she is your father and the choice of Advaita. She can’t be wrong. Advaita says that Nikhil thinks before he speaks. Nikhil says that Mallika has not liked pride since childhood, so she is deprived. He says I want to marry Naaz. Ah, that’s the thing. Advaita says that first you have to be responsible. He says that I will marry Naaz once. Please accept my offer mom. She says I will. Only pride can handle you. He hugs her and says thank you. She says that she will go tomorrow.

Naaz calls Shaily and tells her that Nikhil’s family is coming tomorrow. I’m very happy. Nehmat is happy. Mallika tells Ekam that she absolutely cannot tolerate him under one roof. Is Ekam Advaita more imperative or hate for Naaz? Of course he says Advaita. He says just focus on her, she looks at the pictures of her and says they are so beautiful.

scene 4
Nehmat has a new case to investigate. She sees the file. She has photos of Ekam. She reads the police report. Nehmat says that this case could seriously damage Ekam’s response.

end the episode

The head of Precap-Nehmat asks him to publish the report soon. she is scared. she comes home Rama is with Nikhil to ask about Naaz’s proposal.

Update Credits: Atiba

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