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Udaariyaan 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Udaan Nov 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Naaz calling and asking if you are spying on me. Nehmat says: relax, I have no network so I was turning on the mobile hotspot. Naaz says I’ll check it out, set it up for you. Nehmat asked about the Bewafa folder. Naaz says this is a folder of heartbreak songs, I listen to it sometimes. Nehmat asks if you connected, thanks. Naaz believes that I am saved. Jasmin listens to the wedding card and says that this marriage will not take place. Shelly asks what’s up with the preparations. Jasmin says that she had said that this marriage will not happen, now this marriage will happen. She holds the cards of Naaz and Advait. Shelly says that Naaz loves Nikhil, she will disagree. Jasmin says I’m her mother, I know her, money is less than love to her. She remembers meeting Advait. Nikhil comes to call her. She says that I decided to go to Switzerland for my honeymoon, Naaz likes it too, book it, it’s a good deal. Advait says that I will come home and talk, not now. fb finished. Jasmine says that if Advait rules there, then Naaz will marry him. Shelley says yes, you’re right. Jasmin says I have courage to make the impossible possible, you don’t need to take tension, the mandap is not ready here, just watch what I do. Naz says that Mallika will be upset when she sees these pictures. She praises her intelligence. She says that Advait will stay alone in the mandap. Jasmin says that we will have to swap girlfriends, Naaz will marry Advait and Mallika will sit with Nikhil.

Satti says that Pandit ji will get vermilion. Pandit gets sindoor. She says give it to your daughter. The vermilion flies away and gets into Nehmat’s hair. She says that Matarani blessed him. Satti says but the marriage is from my youngest daughter. Nehmat says yes. He says who knows who will also get married. Satti wonders if Ekam will forgive her and marry her. Nehmat thinks that I want Ekam to forgive me. Jasmine asks Shelly to eat candy. Shelley coughed. Jasmin tells what she did. Shaili asks what do you mean which children you swapped with. Jasmin says it’s a secret, to find out you have to prove yourself. Shelly says that I will see you at midnight and I did not tell anyone about you, how much I will prove myself. Jasmin says to keep Nehmat away, she is always in the spotlight, we have to keep the focus clear. Nehmat washes vermilion and mehndi. Jasmin says that she shouldn’t know about our plan. Shaili says that I don’t even know, tell me, how to do all this, I have not seen this girlfriend before. Jasmine says that I have seen and heard too. She remembers her marriage to Amrik. Shaili says but how are we going to make Naz sit with Advait? Jasmin says you want me to do all the work, what are the bride’s friends for? Shelly says Nehmat…

Naaz prevents Nehmat from scratching his hand. Nehmat says that Mallika will be worried when she sees this e Naaz and believes that I will erase the lines of fate at his hand. She asks him not to worry. She says that it happened by mistake, don’t worry, you don’t have any relationship with her. Nehmat says to shut up. Naz attends. Nehmat says everything is fine now, I want you and Mallika to have a good marriage. Naz says don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.

Jasmine pays Shelley off. She says that I want to celebrate the marriage of Naaz, I have to add tadka to the marriage. Shelli says but my name shouldn’t be in the middle, I have no choice but to stay here. Jasmin says never take tension, give tension, you can thank me later, I’ll do half your work. She calls Mallika and asks her to get the lehenga from the store. Mallika checks and says I have my blouse with me. Jasmin says there’s a big problem, it’s about my job, please come to the store and get the right top. Mallika says okay, I’m coming. Jasmine tells Shelley to start over.

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