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Udaariyaan 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Advait meets with an accident

Udaan Dec 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Ekam working out and hitting the bag. One remembers Nehmat. He says why, why am I thinking of her, why can’t I hate her, why… Whatever happens, Nehmat shouldn’t get hurt. Nehmat checks the closet. He takes off Advait’s outfit and puts the dress inside of her. Advait comes and asks how dare you touch my wardrobe, it’s my wardrobe. He takes off her dress. She says that I also live in this room and I want a place to store my things. He says it’s not my problem, if he had known your identity, he would have refused to marry me. She says that I have come to know now, why are you so angry. He tells her everything. He says that Jasmin has threatened me and dad, if we don’t let Nikhil run for election, she will reveal your truth. She says I’m sorry but what’s my fault. She says that I couldn’t refuse to marry because of Shamsher, but you could refuse this marriage, why did Rupi leave you here? I won’t ruin my future because of your past, Jasmin. Nikhil can’t take my place, it’s just my place. Nehmat says that I can’t change my past, but we can find some solution. He says find a solution, otherwise I will make your life worse, you will curse yourself for marrying me. He goes. She prays for her husband. Ekam is in the Gurudwara. He remembers Nehmat. He prays for her.

Shamsher asks Nikhil where you are going. Nikhil says I’m going to party with friends. Shamsher says to work a little, I have decided that you will stand for election instead of Advait, you learn to work from him, I want to send you and Naaz to the dedication ceremony of the building. Naaz smiles and says that Jasmin’s plan is working well. She clashes with Nehmat. Nehmat says that we will cook together. Naz says that papa ji sends Nikhil and me to do a little job. She goes. Neeru taunts Nehmat. Ram arrives and stops him. She asks Nehmat to do any work, but she keeps out of her sight.

Nikhil says, but Advait likes politics. Shamsher says that Nehmat is the daughter of a criminal, unlike Naaz, you can participate in elections, but not in Advait. Ram and Advait watch. Naaz talks to Jasmine on a video call. Jasmin guides her around and asks her to dress up. She says that now you are the wife of a politician, your status should be seen in your clothes and body language, always keep your head up, you should always be in the spotlight. Nikhil says that I don’t want to participate in the elections. Shamsher asks him to leave. Advait thinks I’ll go to that event. the va Ram says that you have shown this dream to Advaita. Shamsher says that I know what I am doing, I am not doing this of my own free will, Advait is capable, I am still sending Nikhil, he stops interfering in my affairs. the va Ram says that I will understand your compulsion, but Advait will never agree. Nehmat thinks about Ram’s words. Watch the Ekam news. Advait comes to his room. Hear the name of Ekam. He closes the laptop. He scolds her.

He asks her to prepare for a public function. Nikhil refuses to go. Naz says that you will get what you want. He says that my dreams are different, this is not me. She says it’s ok but we have to leave today otherwise dad will be mad we’ll talk to him later it’s ok. They hug. He says that you are very sweet, you understand me a lot. She says now I have to support you to do things according to me, Jasmin played a great game, I’ll keep Nehmat away and move on. Advait says that Nehmat and I will go to the opening ceremony. Shamsher says I’ll send Nikhil. Advaita argues. Nehmat look. Advait asks Nehmat to come. Nikhil and Naaz come. Advait asks Nikhil to go and enjoy life with him, he will take care of the event. Nikhil thanks her and hugs her. Advait and Nehmat leave. Shamsher stops Nikhil.

Advait remembers Jasmine’s words and drives fast. He plays music. Nehmat asks him to drive slowly. He asks her not to make noise. She asks him not to cross the red light. He asks if I’m going to be scared of your police bf. She says please stop the car.

He stops the car. He tells him to get out now. She gets out of the car. She says be on time, you have to play my wife. He’s leaving. She rents a car and follows her car. Advait checks the car’s brakes. He says the brakes don’t work. Nehmat worries.

Ekam says that I have come, that he is in charge. Jaswant says I’ll call him. He sees Advait driving his car at high speed. Advait blows the horn. He tries to apply the brakes. Ekam brings out the bailiff. Ekam says I think the car’s brakes failed, call the control room, I’ll come. Follow Advait’s car. Nehmat asked the driver of the car to drive fast. From the opposite direction comes a trick. Advait meets with an accident. Ekam and Nehmat are shocked. Nehmat shouted Advait. Ekam says Advaita….

end the episode

Update Credits: Amina

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