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Udaariyaan 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam is shocked to learn about Nehmat’s pregnancy

Udaan Jan 25, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Nehmat crying. They say they have made a joke out of motherhood. Nikhil is coming. He says sorry dad and Advait can’t understand what he did I don’t like all this so dad doesn’t like me I’m away from politics but I’m happy I understand what you feel but they won. I don’t understand. She says he shouldn’t have lied. He says that you are very good, think of them, come and eat something else, I will be hungry. She asks if you don’t have food. She says I thought I’d eat with you. They sit down to eat. She says that they only think about the situation, they live like heroes, this can’t be our family. She says that the first time someone spoke to me with love, as if we shared this pain with trust, it will become ghar ghar. She says it means you won’t be leaving the house. she shook her head. Naz says that she wants to show herself, she thinks well for everyone, she has to rule everywhere. Neeru calls him.

She asks what happened to you, if you hate her so much then do something and teach her a lesson. Naaz thinks that yes, I will do something. Ekam teases Mallika and hugs her. He watches the news. He was surprised to hear Shamsher’s announcement. Renuka and Mallika are also shocked. He sees Ekam. Ekam gets angry.

Remember Nehmat. He leaves in the car. Mallika says that she doesn’t know where she went, if she went to Nehmat. Nehmat serves kheer. Shamsher asks why kheer is done, what am I to understand, everything is fine. Nehmat says sorry Papa ji, how can everything be alright? We are a family, we shouldn’t use each other for political agenda, family and politics are different things, if you would have told me about Veronica. a solution. Shamsher says I didn’t let you take our place, so don’t tell us what to do and what not to do. She says that you have done wrong by lying, I am not going to hurt my self-esteem, I cannot lie to myself or to anyone, especially to my nana and nani. It doesn’t matter if she screams. Neeru says that she is worried about her nanu nani or her lover Ekam. One remembers Nehmat. His call comes. Shamsher says that you have to accept this, you have to think a lot so that our image does not tarnish, you have to understand this, it will be better for you. Advait asks what Nehmat is saying wrong. He argues with Shamsher. Shamsher says we’ll say she had an abortion. Nehmat cries. Ekam sees an accident. She finds out about the affair and reacts angrily. The policeman says that something has happened to Ekam, otherwise he would not have spoken like that. Harleen comes there. She says that I have to talk to Ekam. The policemen stopped him. Harleen yells at Ekam. He is on duty. She runs towards Ekam. Ekam scolds Harleen.

He asks the officers to arrest him and take him to the police station. Harleen cries. Nehmat says that you said it so easily, you will say abortion, being pregnant is a great blessing for a woman, you made fun of that. Shamsher asks what she could have done. Advait says that you should have asked me, since Nehmat is my wife. Neeru says that she is arguing with you for Nehmat’s sake. Advait says that we have to lie many times to get rid of this lie, I will not force Nehmat to support me, be thankful that she was by our side, what if she had gone to her nanu’s house? Shamsher scolds them. Naaz gets happy.

Naz thinks you see Nehmat now, how I break Advait and your deal. Harleen says you have no valid reason to lock me up. The comrades in jail ask what you did, you stole. Naaz comes to meet Mallika. He talks nonsense about Nehmat. She says I swear I don’t dislike you, I hate Nehmat, the one we trust the most betrays us. Mallika cries. Naz says that Nehmat has given good news in a few months, you would have given her a few months if she hadn’t got in the way, you’re so good, you didn’t say anything, call me, I’ll prove to be a better friend than Nehmat. . She gives him sweets. Her call comes and she leaves. Mallika cries. Naz thinks that I won’t let Nehmat meet Advait or Ekam. Ekam arrives at the police station. He sees Harleen dancing with the cellmates. The staff is also dancing. Ekam asks what is happening outside, what is this drama, this is jail, not your house. She says wait, you have no valid reason to keep me here. She says that you’re innocent, that you may be in danger, that’s why I kept you here, that you misbehaved with the police. She holds her hand. She says she leaves my hand. She says okay, it’s this anger over Nehmat’s pregnancy. Ekam gets angry.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amina

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