Udaariyaan 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz tries to expose Nehmat’s secret

Udaariyaan 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz tries to expose Nehmat’s secret

Udaariyaan 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz tries to expose Nehmat’s secret

Udaariyan Oct 14, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Aykam saying that I’ll promise later. He shows the plate. She says you have this plate for me. He says yes, take it. He feeds it. He says you will get infected. He kisses her and tells her let it be, love aur milaga, I just want to be with you. She cries. He turns her on. they laughed. They say that love only looks good in your eyes, not these tears, rest. He hugs her and asks her to take care of her. She says promise me. She says promise. He’s leaving. He motions for her to smile. Flying kisses.

In the morning, Satti looks for Nehmat. Nehmat is ready. Satti says you worked, you should rest. Nehmat says that I took a bath with hot water. Satti asks her to eat a hot tulsi kada. Nehmat says I’m fine now, he looks. Satti says your medicine is ayakam, she was scared, no other medicine affects you. Nehmat hugs her and tells her that her blessings also have an effect, I will go down, where Naaz is. Satti says that she went to the terrace to talk to someone. Naaz calls Varun. Varun scolds her and ends the call. Nehmat comes and asks if you are okay. Naaz scolds her. She says you got what you wanted, Varun doesn’t love me, are you happy now? Nehmat says I’m not happy to see you sad, Varun doesn’t love you, he just dominates you, I swear, I want you to find someone who loves and respects you, not the one who controls you. Naaz says that he shows his authority over me because he loves me. Nehmat goes. Naaz gets the tiffin box there. She checks.

she goes down Satti asks Nehmat to have food. Naaz says that he doesn’t know whose tiffin it is, he was there on the terrace. Nehmat’s Chinta style says that Randhawa is written on it. Naaz asks if Aykam came, Nehmat. Roopi asks Nehmat if Ayakam really came, are they still together? Nehmat lies. He says we haven’t met yet.

Shelly then asks how this tiffin got here. Satti says that Mallika must have come, she is Nehmat’s friend, she must have eaten soup. Nehmat says yes, he came and ordered a pumpkin dish for me. Satti says that they have a good friendship. She mocked Nehmat’s love. She laughs. Roopi says that her friendship with Mallika did not end, she broke up with Aykam. Naaz asks Nehmat if you haven’t met Aykam. Nehmat says no, I won’t find her. Harman says we trust you, you can never lie to us. Nehmat repented and left. Roopi says that she should not be left behind by Nehmat, she is going through a difficult time. Naaz says that I will give him tea. Nehmat sat down to cry. She thinks how long should I lie, I don’t like it. Naaz brings him the tea. She says I know you still know Aykam, you’re fine in one day, you can’t fool me, Aykam came here, she’s fine, you got mad.

Nehmat says I’m in a bad mood, stop talking about us, we’re in trouble. She goes. Naaz says she broke up with me, I’ll make you break up. Mallika calls Advit. He disconnects. He talks to Shamsher. He says that Nikhil and I will work hard. Shamsher says that he is young, he can’t handle that, Mallika is calling, she is also part of your plan, don’t underestimate anyone, talk to him. Advit takes the phone from him. He asks her to reserve a table and informs her that he will be there. She gets happy. Shamsher says for her to continue this love drama and then we can separate those lovers. Advit says they broke up, I’m handling it fine. Mallika receives a call from Nehmat and asks if she is okay. Nehmat says yes. Mallika says that I have a lot to tell you, I come to meet you. Nehmat says we will meet at Gurudwara, I made prasad for Aykam, I have to pray for him. Mallika says okay. Nehmat says that Aykam will become ASP today. He talks to the image of Tejo and Fateh. Ayakam stops Mallika. She says I’m going to meet someone. He asks who. He says you broke up with her.

Naaz overhears Varun talking to his friends. Varun says that I went crazy to go out with Naaz, he is very irritable, I broke up with him, this time I will have a good girlfriend. He looks. His friends leave. Naaz asks Varun about the fashion show. She says that I am also interested in modeling. He asks him to see her face. She asks if you deleted that video. She says I promise, I’ll delete it. He goes. She says I have to take that video down, I can’t let Nehmat ruin my love life. Nehmat arrives at the Gurudwara. She prays for his love. Naaz also comes there. Nehmat puts the tiffin and the bag there. She is going to wash the dishes. Aykam arrives there in disguise. He smiles seeing her. Naaz goes and takes Nehmat’s phone out of her bag. She wonders what the password is. She walks into Aykam and checks. Nehmat goes to fetch tiffin. Naaz tries to unlock the phone. She thinks I’ll delete the video, where is she? Nehmat comes there.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amena

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