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Udaariyaan 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ekam comes to Shimla too

Udaariyan Nov 10, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Ekam asks is there someone with you? Nehmat says that I am with a colleague. He says thank God. She says sorry. Let’s meet tomorrow. He says that she is fine. Ekam thinks he too can surprise her by going to Shimla. He goes to Shimla on her bike. Nehmat is upset. She cries. Mallika remembers what Naaz said. Nehmat and Advait get into the car and try to track down where Advait came from.

Advaita arrives at the place. He says I have to go there. The police try to stop him. He says I have to go. It is important. Nehmat and Advaita are also trapped. Nehmat looks around. Ekam says I’m coming. Ekam takes the rock. He starts to rain. Advait says that he doesn’t know when it will open. Ekam tries to reach the road on foot. It starts to rain heavily. Advaita says let me find a hotel. We can stay there. Advaita finds a rose on the way. Ekam looks for Nehmat. He cannot see her in the car with Advaita. He looks around. Advait tells Nehmat that we have to stay in a hotel. He is not safe here.

Nehmat gets out of the car. Ekam looks at her. Nehmat says… Nehmat looks at him. She is surprised. Ekam runs to Nehmat. Nehmat hugs Ekam. She cries. Ekam asks are you okay? Nehmat cries. Ekam gives her flowers and tells her happy anniversary. She chose Nehmat. Ekam sees Advaita. Advaita says. They are both surprised. Nehmat was imagining Ekam. He looks around her, but she’s not there. Advait asks Nehmat to leave. Ekam looks for Nehmat. He says I’m sure he’s in a hotel. His companions are with him.

scene 2
Mallika calls Advaita. She says where were you? You couldn’t call back. She says I’m stuck somewhere. I want to stay here She asks are you on Shimla’s side? She says you’re tracking me? You have to believe me. Mallika says sorry, I’m just worried. Mallika calls out to Nehmat. Her phone is off. Mallika says that I should stop hesitating so much.

Ekam checks the hotel register. Shali sees Nehmat and Advait at another hotel. She says what are they doing? Will they stay together? She calls Naaz.

scene 3
Naaz shows everyone what jewels Rama gave him. He says that Nikhil liked it. Nani says that you should have said no. Don’t take expensive things. She says that he said we should meet. Style calls Naz. She shows her Advaita and her Nehmat at the hotel. Naaz is surprised. The receptionist says we only have one room. Nehmat says we can go to another hotel. Ekam tracks Nehmat to different hotels. Naz says to record it, please. Advaita says that we cannot go out. The receptionist says to please bring the room. She says we don’t have a choice with Nehmat. A man says that she would not want to be in the room with him. Advaita slaps her. He gets the room. They record his credentials. The receptionist asks for identification. In return, Advaita gives him money.

Shali records everything. She sends the video to Naaz. Naaz says what’s going on. Nehmat is cold. Advaita arrives in the room. He says sorry. I know it’s weird, but I did my best. You stay here, I’ll go. She says she’s fine, we’ll be gone in a bit. Ekam leaves that hotel. He tries to find Nehmat’s name. Advaita says that things are going against me. I’m marrying people from everywhere I know. Nehmat says that I feel very bad. I hid it all alone and now this. Someone knocks on his door. Advaita is going to open the door. Advaita opens the door. He is shocked. Nehmat is also surprised.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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