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Tunisha Sharma leaves behind 15 crores worth of property in her mother’s name

The late television actress Tunisha Sharma, who took her own life on December 24, was a personality admired for her work and had many good friends in the television industry. She was very dedicated and worked hard to make a mark in the industry. She had been working since the age of 13 and after her passing, it emerged that she left behind her hard-earned legacy in the form of property worth Rs 15 crores, which includes an apartment in Bhayandar (East), The one he now sees with his mother.

Tunisha was cremated on December 27. His relationship with Sheezan is cited by his mother as the reason for his suicide. Shezaan is currently in police custody, and according to police reports, she has been changing statements about him several times, which has drawn attention.

Her funeral in Mumbai was attended by several TV personalities and the mother and sister of her ex-boyfriend and ‘Ali Baba: Dastaan-e-Kabul’ co-star Sheezan Khan, who has been charged with incitement to suicide. In relation to the police complaint filed by Tunisha’s mother.

According to circulating reports, Sheezan and Tunisha broke up 15 days before he committed suicide. Sheejan had promised Tunisha that he would marry her, but changed his mind on the advice of her sisters. and her anguish was cited as the reason for complicity in the suicide for which Sheezan was blamed.

Only time will tell if Sheejan had anything to do with Tunisha’s suicide or not.

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