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Heroine: Characters:

She is a charming girl from South India who aspires to become a doctor, which was her childhood dream. She is born into a financially weaker middle-class family. As a child, she was the best in her school and she had a great interest in art, but she couldn’t do it. She does it due to lack of resources. She was the class leader from first grade to tenth grade and was apparently a nightmare for her classmates. She has always been a favorite of her teachers and her friends. She lives with her family and her grandmother Suhasini and her sister Subhadra in the house of her uncle Akhilesh, who has settled in Switzerland with her wife Suvarna and her children Luv and Mishti.

Hero: Abhimanyu Birla

He is a fourth year student at AIIMS Delhi. It was his dream to study standing up, without using his last name. He is born into a good family that owns the Birla Empire (Hospital, Construction, Supermarket…). He lives in a joint family with his father’s brother and his family and his beloved grandmother Kalyani Birla. He is a very smart and handsome boy who has a keen interest in art, especially music. He is a very talented guitarist. friendly man.

other characters

Suvarna: Mother of Akshara and Kairav, who completed her bachelor’s degree in education but was unable to pursue her career due to family pressure. The strongest thread in her family thanks to which Akshara and Kairav ​​were able to get a good education.

Manish: Father of Akshara and Kairav ​​who is a metric. Despite pursuing various careers, none of them were successful. He is a hernia patient.

Shivaay Birla: Father of Abhimanyu Birla, who has been the backbone of the Birla Empire. He is very much in love with his wife Anika Birla.

Anika Birla: She is the mother of Abhimanyu. She helps her husband in business.

Kartik Birla: He is Shivaay’s younger brother. Together they run the Birla Empire. His wife is Naira Birla and his children are Omkara, Rudra and Aarohi.

Naira Birla: She is the wife of Kartik and is in charge of the fashion department of the Birla Empire.

Omkara Birla: He is an artist. He helps his father and helps his father run his business. He is in love with Gauri Trivedi, a physiotherapist.

Gauri Trivedi: She is an attractive girl who is a physical therapist and works at Birla Hospital. She is very much in love with Omkara.

Rudra Birla – He is a quiet brat who is the youngest of the Birla brothers. He is studying business administration, but he is not interested in studies. He is the dearest of his family and the fighting partner of his twin sister. Upward.

Aarohi Birla – Rudra’s twin sister who is 5 minutes older than him. She is an aspiring doctor and aspires to be like Ella Abhi’s brother. She is the dearest sister of 3 Birla siblings.

The rest of the characters will be introduced along the way…

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