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Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad And Sahiba’s Face-offf

Teri Meri Doriya Jan 6, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Opening his car door, Angad smashed Sahiba’s decorated clay pot, haughtily handed him the money, and drove off. Bikka apologizes to Sahiba and says that Paaji was in a hurry. She notices the broken pot and says nice piece of art. Angad asks for the address of a shopkeeper who refuses to help him and tongue-lashes him for breaking Sahiba’s utensil. Angad returns. Sahiba confronts him. Angad arrogantly offers him more money. Sahiba demands one crore of rupees. Angad asks if she is crazy. Sahiba apologizes that she can’t buy everything with money. He refuses and threatens her. A crowd gathers and threatens Angad to apologize. Angad threatens to call the police and arrest them. Sahiba takes a hammer to smash his car and says that the police must have a valid reason to arrest them. Angad still refused.

Bikka asks Angad what if someone sabotages Kiara’s project, and instead of apologizing, she throws money at him. Angad sister will break that person’s mouth. Bikka says why she considers her pain as pain and ignores the pain of others. Angad apologizes as Sahiba is about to break the glass of the car. Sahiba sneers that a rich man apologized out of fear of loss. Someone scratched the hood of the car. Angad angrily breaks the glass and says that she only likes the right things. Bikka says that this is the third thing that she has broken and orders another car.

Sunny calls a media reporter and tells him that there will be no party tonight at Brar’s house. The reporter asks what is the authenticity of her news and who is speaking. Sunny disconnects the call. Darji walks around the house as the family eats lunch. Gurleen taunts Barfir that Angad let Darji down as the father of her Inder of her. Darji hears this and says that Angad took her business to new heights and what her sons couldn’t do, her grandson did. Gurleen says that not only Inder, she is also her daughter and instead of encouraging her, she discouraged her just because she is a girl. Babe advises him to deal with her father and fires him. Darji asks Barfir to track down Angad. Barfir calls her.

Angad explores Monga Art Bhandar with Bika. Sahiba tells his boy in his shop how arrogant ATM/Angad was. The boy says that he also saw. Bikka arrives at the store and is mesmerized by the pot art. She shows a piece of art and asks the boy if she can draw it. The boy says that he is ready. Sahiba sees Bikka and asks if he is the ATM salesman. Angad enters. Sahiba says that he won’t sell her anything. He gets a call from Santosh, who asks if he’s arranged the pass through the councillor. Sahiba says that he doesn’t and disconnects the call. The drama of Santosh, his and Sirat’s bodybuilder daughter, begins. Santosh waits for Sahiba to bring the pass.

Sahiba thinks she should go to the councilor’s office and apply for the pass. Bikka describes his problem and asks Sahiba to sell his artwork. Sahiba refuses to help Angad. Angad continues his arrogance. Bikka says that they have paat/prayer at Brar’s house and without the artwork from him, the paat won’t happen. Sahiba asks if they belong to Johri Brar. He says yes and says it’s his grandparents’ anniversary too and he’ll be heartbroken if he doesn’t get the artwork. Angad offers its card without limit. Sahiba asks for 2 party passes at his place.

Precap: Angad takes Sahiba home to do the artwork. Gurleen and her team humiliate him. The Sahiba tongue licks them and tries to leave. Angad stops her.

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