Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Seerat Impresses Brar’s Using Sahiba’s Wise Words

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Seerat Impresses Brar’s Using Sahiba’s Wise Words

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Seerat Impresses Brar’s Using Sahiba’s Wise Words

Teri Meri Doriya Jan 22, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Mandeep asks Angad what is Sahiba doing here and why Sirat is talking to him. Angad says that Sirat said that he will handle Sahiba. Sahiba asks Sirat if he found his earring. Sirat gives her an earring and asks her to leave now. Sahiba asks him to accompany her since Brar is not a nice person. Sirat asks her not to worry about him and sends her away from her. Angad praises Sirat for taking such good care of Sahiba. Mandeep asks again why Sahiba came here and how she easily overheard an unknown girl and left. Angad says that such girls befriend rich people and take business orders from them. Sirat says that Sahiba came to apologize to him for yesterday’s bad behavior from her, but he clearly told her that Brar won’t forgive her. Mandeep asks what Sahiba replied. Sirat says that Sahiba understood and left, now she won’t bother them again. Angad praises her. Mandeep says let’s go inside.

Sahiba walks down the road remembering Sirat’s arrogant behavior. Sirat comes on a bike with his friends and tells Sahiba that he will teach Brar’s guards a lesson. His friends say they want to punish the bully on duty. Sahiba says that no one is going anywhere since Sirat got the earring back from him. Kirat asks where is Sirat. Angad leads Sirat to the dinner table. Sirat is surprised to see Vrat for lunch. Angad pulls up a chair for her. Sirat sits down and waits for Angad to sit next to her. Agad’s cousin sits next to her in her place. Angad takes the front seat. Veer jokes that she should sit next to her guest. Jasleen praises Sirat’s dancing and asks who else lives in her family. She misses each and every one of her family members and says that she has parents and grandparents that she loves very much.

Kiara asks what club she goes to. Sirat thinks that she went clubbing with her boyfriend and can’t spend them herself, she says she doesn’t like clubbing. Angad says not even him. Sirat thinks it’s so boring. Kiara asks what university she studies at. Jasleen tells her not to ask her guest so many questions. Sirat looks at the food. Angad asks for diet food for Sirat and himself. Sirat remembers Sahiba’s words of wisdom and repeats them, impressing Brar. Gary thinks he’ll get Sirat before Angad. He tells Angad that his new jewelry campaign is starting with actress Radhika Bajaj as the model. Angad says that Radhika is his old friend, Gary can handle the campaign as he is busy next week.

He directly tells Sirat that he wants to know about her in detail, leaving the entire family shocked. She wonders what the value of money and education is to him. She remembers Sahiba’s words and repeats them impressing Angad even more. Angad keeps questioning her and she keeps repeating Sahiba’s answer, thinking that Sahiba’s answer helped her a lot.

Precap: Santosh asks Sirat what happened in Brar. Sirat says that a magic happened, Brar calls Santosh and Ajit to talk about Sirat and Angad’s alliance. Angad and Sirat dance at Lohri celebrations. Later, Angad confronts Sahiba. A voiceover says that they don’t know what is written in their destiny.

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