Tamarind 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Tamarind suggests Aditya to move on

Tamarind 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Tamarind suggests Aditya to move on

Tamarind 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Tamarind suggests Aditya to move on

Tamarind 18 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Aryan and Tamarind exchange engagement rings. Everyone clapped for them. Aparna says it is good that they can celebrate both the pre-wedding rituals and the festival. Arpita says they haven’t celebrated Holi for 4 years, but this time they will. Aryan says that he will celebrate Holi with his mind. Tamarind says she will not play Holi and will leave. Pankaj asks why did he say that. Mithi says that she asked Aryan to taunt or else Tamarind loves Holi. After some time Meethi applies oil to Tamarind’s hair and says that she should do this before playing Holi. Tamarind says she doesn’t want much to happen in her life, she got married and got divorced before the age of 20, so she needs to change now. Meethi says she should change her name as Imle becomes sweet with age and suggests her to keep smiling as she is marrying a man who supports her with all the customs and always. Will stand with him, etc. Tamarind thinks that she will play Holi tomorrow. But will not let Aryan touch her.
Aryan remembers Imli’s words and thinks that he will paint her first.

Pankaj sees Aditya crying in the balcony and to make him happy, he tells him to fly kites from here. He suggests her to forget Tamarind and let her go ahead with Aryan as he rejected her and she goes to Aryan. Aditya says that Tamarind left her many times and returned to her, this time also she will.

Next day, T family celebrates Holi and paints each other. Aryan’s family runs. Aparna and Pankaj congratulate him and wish him a happy Holi. Arpita says Aryan is eager to meet Tamarind and play Holi with her. Aryan says he is just punctual. Brings sweet tamarind. Aryan says that this is his first Holi with wife after marriage, so he should paint her first. Tamarind blushes and says that she is acting as a shy bride. Families leave. Aryan says he was not acting and will apply his color first. She says that she will not get dirty by giving her color. She challenges him that she knows he can do anything to satisfy his ego, he sees her yesterday using his money and exchanging the ring, but he is a cotton and he Can’t buy it easily. Aryan accepts her challenge and says that he will win this challenge and she.. she asks what? He says he will do it later. She stops him and says that he challenged her and he doesn’t know what he will lose.

Neela Badima and Gudiya get jealous seeing Imli with Aryan. Mithi applies color on them and wishes Happy Holi. Neela insults her for spoiling her saree. Tamarind intervenes and calls her Neeli Kaki and asks if it is an expensive saree. Neela says Rs.60000. Imli says it is too cheap for Aryan Singh Rathore’s wife. Neela keeps crying. Tamarind sprinkles water on it and says that if it was real silk, its stain would be clean; Somebody made her wear a fake saree, while her Amma’s Rs 450 saree is still shining for 15 years, etc. Neela decides to take revenge on Imli.

Imli passes by Aditya who asks if she hasn’t painted through her husband. Tamarind says that she never shied away from any responsibility or customs and no one could force her. She repeats Aryan’s words and eases him to accept all difficulties. Aditya asks if Aryan is a difficulty she is accepting. She says that she is suggesting him to move on in life and move away. , Arpita paints Sundar. He feels happy. Aryan sees Tamarind sitting silently.

Precap: Badima plans to drug Imli.

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