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Tale of Two hearts – Three shots – Shot Two

It was a Gauri-Ganesh Habba occasion, a traditional form of worship and celebration before Ganesh Chaturthi day among the Tulu community in their homes. This time, the bride’s family also invited the groom’s family to attend. And Rebitha wore her community’s traditional sari for the occasion.

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Vineet stared at her and Rebitha felt something new when he looked at her like that.

Padmini, Vineet’s mother: Hegidhare Hudugi? [How’s your girl ]

Came: Kollam [Nice]

Rebitha: Athige, Nimmej Kannada Gotha?[Sasu maa, you knows kannada ]

Padmini: How can we forget our community language? We talk at home.

Rebitha: But Vineeth, I mean, Vineethan said he only speaks Malayalam. I thought maybe you and Mawa are like that too.

Padmini: Damn, nothing like that. We both talk. Vineeth always felt inferior for being Keralite because she was born and brought up in the Tulu community. Our customs, uses and customs are different. We cannot leave it, even though our ancestors have settled in Kerala. We celebrate Yugadhi as well as Onam, Sankranti and Vishu. And why do you call it Vineethane? You can call him by his name.

Vineet: Amma, but you never call Appa by his name. You call him Ri, sometimes just Appa.

Padmini: That’s because our generation was like that. She is also 8 years older than me. There is only 2 years age difference between you two and there is no need to call him by his nickname. you scared my soul [daughter in law] very.

Rebitha: Thank you Athige.

Padmini: Wet Traditional Sari Yalli Thamba Chanagi Kanisthe Neevu[ You are looking so beautiful in our traditional saree] Keep smiling and don’t care what this idiot says. I’m going in to help your mother in worship. You two can talk to each other.

cuts; Why did you need to embarrass me in front of my mother?

Rebitha: I was clearing up my inner worries and now they are gone and I feel so relieved, Vineet. Wow, Vinnithetan

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Vineet: Call me Vineet. You have no common sense, you spread our personal things.

Rebitha: Vineet, there was no intention of doing all this. I was just trying to figure out how to talk to him. You know that our profile was taken through the matrimonial site and my alliance was accepted in your family. Then when you come to meet me, we will both meet. Later our families asked us to exchange rings and we both got engaged. Now there is only one month left for our marriage. It is an arranged marriage and now we are getting to know each other very well.

Vignette: Absolutely. I’m trying to clear things up, but you always take things the other way. And why are you wearing it? If it’s a traditional ceremony, can’t you normally wear a sari?

Rebitha: Vineet It is a function of our community and in our house we all used to wear this outfit. This has been going on for years and I can’t break it. Why do you feel bad about being born in the Tulu community? what’s wrong with that? If a child is naturally born into a Muslim family and bought, that child will follow the customs of his religion.

Vineet: But they don’t have as many communities and differences as Hinduism. Kasaragod can only have 5 percent of Tuluvas. And you know it hurts when we get made fun of in Malayalam movies.

Rebitha: Not just our community, I have seen many things in Malayalam movies that really hurt the feelings of so many communities in Kerala. When it comes to making ridiculous pranks, he left no other religion than this and might have felt the same as us. But why should we care about them? It is a private function at home and here we have complete freedom to wear it on occasions.

Vineet: I think we should stop arguing about this. Let’s talk some more.

Rebita: Yes. But about what?

Vinet: Whatever.

Rebitha: Do you really like me?

discreet: rebitha

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Rebitha: See Vineet. Better to make things clear. I cannot leave the customs and customs of my community. I am trying to improve my Malayalam in a better way. I will definitely speak to them in Malayalam, but that does not mean that I will also give up my community language, Kannada. You were replying in Kannada even when your mother asked. I will try to speak better Malayalam with you in public places in your state. But at home I will speak Kannada and Malayalam with you after marriage. If you’re okay with that, then we can think about moving it.

Vineet: Now you’re imposing on me, Rebitha.

Rebita: You’re welcome. You are cheating things. I really want to have both languages, both states work in a positive way. I would love to be able to speak both languages ​​fluently and call myself Malayalee and Kannadiga.

Vineet: You can’t go in both boats. Listen, we will move to Kochi after marriage. There we don’t need to do all this. I have already submitted the transfer request. You do too

Rebitha: I can’t go there. It is very far from Kasaragod and Mangalore. And what will happen to our parents if we go there?

Vineet: They are not children who go to school and need someone to take care of. My brother is with my parents who will take care of them.

Rebitha: And my parents? I am her only daughter. My father only had one wish: that I get married somewhere close by. Kasaragod is not far from Mangalore. At least twice a month I can visit my parents. But if you take me to Kochi, it will be very difficult to get to Kasaragod, and besides, I won’t be able to see you or my parents. Please don’t go Vineet.

Vineet: I’ve decided. If you want to request a transfer and after the marriage come with me. I have also booked a flat. Otherwise, continue the work in your native office and be a good daughter-in-law and a good daughter-in-law. You don’t need a husband.

Rebitha: Vineet again you are misunderstanding things. It is not the right decision to leave the parents suddenly.

Vineet: You know that you and I can never be together when we decide to make a joint decision. I don’t know what my parents found in you that insisted on marrying you?

Rebitha: Do your parents know that you have applied to transfer to Kochi?

Cartoon: No. If I say it, my father will never agree to it.

Rebitha: Vineet, you’re doing it wrong. You have to tell your parents.

Vineet: I am a mature person and not a child like you. I don’t know why my parents chose you for me.

Rebitha: So you don’t like me anymore, do you?

Vignette: Yeah. You’re just a big emotional jerk.

Rebite; Thank you for making me realize what I am to you.

Rebitha’s eyes moistened.

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Vineet: Rebitha, actually!!

Rebitha: Only the rings are changed, our hearts are not united. Let’s be practical. You don’t have to live your whole life with a passionate nerd. I’ll tell my parents it’s all my fault and trust me, they won’t blame you. Please don’t ask me to take this ring off. Because knowingly or unknowingly I fell in love with you and now I also have to bear your pain. I admit it, Vineet.

Vineet: Rebitha, Rebitha!!

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