Swarna Ghar 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Swarna scolds Ajith

Swarna Ghar 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Swarna scolds Ajith

Swarna Ghar 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Swarna scolds Ajith

Swarna Ghar 18 April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Episode starts with Swarn thinking that Ajit has hidden a big thing from me. Ajit makes Gulab Jamun. He talks to his staff man. He asks the man to taste it. The man says it is amazing, you have put your love in it. He remembers the days when he made gulab jamun in home science class. Swarna tasted it and said that it is like a stone. She swaps bowls of sweets. Teacher likes Gulab Jamun and says you made it very well, one day you will have a dhaba. Swarna pokes fun at his poor cooking. FB finished. Ajit smiled. Gold comes there.

Yug says Nehmat is coming here, she will tell us what to do after going to Swarna Ghar. Vikram comes and asks what has been resolved. Yug says I was telling my plan. Vikram jokes. Nakul scolds her for sending goons. Vikram says my plan was solid. Nakul says our passport could have been confiscated, I have to go to America and do my work, Yug has solved Nehmat’s case. Vikram says Nehmat is Kanwal’s lawyer, will she help us, it is a ridiculous plan. Nakul says Nehmat is not going to Swarna Ghar, it means mother needs two tenants, she will lose the challenge, listen Yug once. Vikram sits. Yuga tells his plan.

Ajit says congratulations, Nehmat is coming to stay. Swarna scolds him. She says you think you have all the tricks, I am suffering since childhood, stop these childish things, say something. He asks her to say it. She says you have tormented me a lot, what do you think, it has been 47 years since 17 years, your actions are still the same, you go and beat people, what is this wound, I know you will say that you are not to anyone Hit, don’t lie, tell who you beat. He says that there is no such thing. She asks him to swear and say it. He says I swear, I did not beat anyone. She says you are lying. He says I don’t lie. He says the truth will come out. He wonders if he knew that Vikram has sent goons to kill Jai. He asks what is the matter. She says don’t be innocent, you didn’t think I will feel guilty. He says you didn’t change, you get upset for some thing, you are scolding me, what is the reason.

She asks don’t you understand, why did you leave your house, why are you living here, you lied, I asked you in the morning, you didn’t tell me. He says you were happy, I did not want to tell this and takes away your happiness. He asks the man to have a cold drink. Swarna says you want to take cold drink to calm my anger, you should have told me that I am the reason why you left the job, I got to know this from Ankita, she was scolding the reporter outside the reporter, I heard him He says that it was difficult for my family to be upset. She says I am also responsible for their trouble, they will also blame me, the world is like this, people laugh at sorrow, stop helping me, live for their own sake, don’t hide anything from me. He gets a call.

She asks what? He says you are also hiding something from me, Nehmat is not coming, Shorvori had called, you had to meet two girls, you came to scold me. He says I will always stand with you, I promised Kanwal, we are true friends, I am not going home so that everything is fine, that is the real reason, how do I break my friendship. She cries.

He asks did anything go in your eyes. She says yes, I am not crying. He brings her a glass of water. He gives her Gulab Jamun. He asks did you make it. He says lo and tell me how is it, go now, Shorvori is waiting. She left. He smiles. Yug says Nehmat has arrived, I will meet her, I have to make mother realize that she is defeated.

Swarna and Shorvori come home. Shorvori says a girl is coming tomorrow. Swarna thanks him. She looks at Yug with kindness. Nehmat stops there. Yug says you know what I can do. Nehmat calls Swarna and asks if the offer to stay in Swarna Ghar is still valid. Nimmo says he has changed the party. Nehmat asks can I stay here, can I stay here and keep an eye on some people too. Yuga takes him aside. Gold prays. Yug threatens Nehmat. She says I got courage from you, I was surprised to see your attitude, you have to give 2 lakh to the landlord to get the flat. He gets an audio message that the payment is done. Nehmat says I am smart, you found my secret and I found yours, I transferred this money, I know this is the only way to shut your mouth, go and take care of your brothers, I am going to stay in Swarna Ghar. I am Swarna happily embraces and welcomes Nehmat. Nimmo says wind direction has changed, don’t know what will blow it all. Swarna takes Nehmat inside the Swarna house.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Amena

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