Swarn Ghar 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Swarn is insulted

Swarn Ghar 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Swarn is insulted

Swarn Ghar 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Swarn is insulted

Swarna Ghar 23 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

The episode starts with the girl reading the will…. I am not giving any rights to the gold, it cannot sell anything or change the will, only Ajit will have that right. Nakul stops Vikram. Swarna remembers Kanwal. Vikram asks where is the rest of the will. The girl says that every page has Kanwal’s sign with the date, over. Vikram says it means he left nothing for his sons. Swarna says he did not tell this to me. Yug asks if father was in his senses when he made this will. The lawyer says yes. The girl says we want Ajit’s signature on the acknowledgment slip. She asks Ajit to sign. Ajit says I have no right, there is some misunderstanding, I have no idea about this. Nakul says we need some time. Swarna says yes, give us some time. The lawyer leaves. Ajit also leaves. Vikram stops Ajit and asks how do you know dad, tell me. Nakul asks what did you talk to dad that he gave you such a big responsibility. Gold stops them. Ajit says I don’t know anything. She asks Ajit to leave. Ajit left. I remember his words. He worries. He says why did Kanwal do this. Swarna says don’t worry, we will find some way. Nakul says dad used to hate us. Yug says he betrayed us. Swarna says no, he loved you all, we will find some way. Ajit asks the lawyer why Kanwal wrote my name in the will. The lawyer says that this is his last wish. Ajit says I don’t mean anything to him. The lawyer says that this house was his life, how can he give it to someone like this. Vikram gets angry.

They say what did we get by coming here, Papa took away everything from us, you took away our right to perform the last rites. Ajit asks why did he give my name. Girl says he knew that you will ask this, so he gave me this letter, in this you will get all answers. She gives the letter to Ajit. Vikram says dad played a game with us. Swarna says I don’t know when he took this decision, on that day he said that he took a decision. Vikram says it means you knew it, you are acting. Swarna says no, I didn’t know anything. Nakul says you will get to know who Ajit Lamba is. Vikram asks who is he, why did dad make him our protector, tell us. She holds her head. Yug asks who is Ajit. She says she is from my body. What does Vikram say? Neelu says stop it, look at her condition. Nakul says do your work, you have no right to talk in the middle. Vikram says dad had sympathy for her, he left a shawl for her, he didn’t leave anything for us. Swarna says please, we will find some way, let me think. Vikram says you run away when you are wrong, Papa also used to do the same, what is the love between you two. She remembers Kanwal and cries. She says dad loves his kids but doesn’t express, I know, he used to get angry and scold, I am with you all, is that not enough, that is the real treasure. Aarav comes with piggy bank. He gives it to them. Golden smiles.

Aarav asks if Yug’s piggy bank is broken. She says yes I joined it, I will never let your hopes break. Nakul asks Kiran to take Aarav. Vikram says so you were talking about this treasure, you want to join our heart to show that you are a great mother. He says this is our part, thanks. He throws the piggy bank. Swarna is shocked. Vikram also breaks the piggy bank of Nakula and Yug. Swarna is sitting crying. Vikram picks up the money and says it is our share, we will not get anything, our parents left it. He says mother is upset, otherwise father would not have given everything to someone else, you will lose everything. Development comes. He says I was waiting for you outside. He asks Swarna if he is fine. Vikram says look at him, do you think he is fine. Nakul says you go now. Vikas asks Swarna for treatment. He says we want a medical certificate which states that his mental balance is not fine then we can transfer the sum insured to Vikram. Neelu asks what is nonsense, who said this. Vikas says Vikram told me. Yug asks Vikas to come along with him. Swarna asks am I crazy. Vikram says yes, see yourself, I don’t know what Papa was thinking, so he named the property in someone else’s name. Swarna cries and stops Nakul. She says you also think I am crazy, tell me. Nakul says I don’t know. He leaves. She goes to her room and cries. Neelu brings water for him. She cries and asks are you fine. Swarna says I am fine, my kids called me mad, Kanwal did not tell me about the will and made Ajit as guardian. Ajit reads Kanwal’s letter. Kanwal tells her to support Swarna, her sons are wrong, she will come on the road, please protect her. Ajit cries. He says it is a big responsibility, how do I do this. Neelu asks Swarna to have food and rest. Swarna says you knew everything, its fine. Neelu remembers Kanwal’s words. She thinks what to do. Swarna says I have seen the will, you have signed as a witness. Neelu says yes, you trusted her, I trusted her too. Swarna blessed him.

Shorvori meets Swarna. Swarna says Kanwal has named Ajit in the will, why, I am going mad. Shorvori says Kanwal loved you a lot, he must have thought something and made this will. Swarna looks at his sons. Nakul hugs her and cries. He says I don’t understand what is happening, we had no right to shout at you, I am sorry. They all apologize to him and fall at his feet. She cries.

episode ends

Update Credits: Amena

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