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Swaran Ghar 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran and Bebe get into trouble

Swarna Ghar Sep 7, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written At UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Bebe picking flowers for Arjun. She bumps into Gulabo. Gulabo argues. Rajeshwari says that the party will be good. Arjun says that I am also going to invite some friends. She asks who. He calls Swarna and… she asks who the receptionist is. She says she saved my life. Bebe comes home and calls Swarna. She goes to check the roof. Swarna calls Bebe. Bebe is surprised to see Swarna. She asks what happened. Swarna says that she came to dry the clothes and I fell down, I can’t get up. Bebe says wait, I’ll do something. Gold cries a lot. Bebe asks her to get up, that she take care of herself. Ajit does push-ups. Dhillon counts as he sits on his back. Ajit says that everyone will know that I am a great fighter, you have to grow up and be fit. Dhillon says today is my vacation. Ajit says that I have a vacation too, today we will have fun, we have to go somewhere at night. Rajeshwari asks what you said. Arjun says that my other friend is Ajit Lamba.

She gets angry and asks what you will order to present to them. He says they are my guests, Swarna ki babe is coming too, please be good, otherwise I will celebrate my birthday separately. Babe puts down the gold. Gold groans in pain. She asks Bebe to call Ajit. Bebe says I’ll call Nakul. Swarna says that he knows how to remove sprains. Ajit gets a call from Bebe. She says how BG called me. He answers. Bebe says come soon, Swarna is not feeling well, he has a sprain. Ajit worries. He comes home. He asks Swarna to get better, he also has to go to Goldie’s function. Ajit checks the gold. Bebe asks him to fix Swarna. Ajit tells him not to worry, he’ll be fine now. Swarna says that he hurts a lot, Ajit. Ajit says it’s like childhood, he cries for little pain. Bebe says that he is in pain. She says that she used to cry when she was in little pain. Ajit jokes and makes Swarna laugh. Swarna says stop Ajit, fix me. Ajit says I’ll relieve the sprain. She says shut up. Bebe says to fix it. Ajit pulls his toes and asks Bebe to come to the party at night. Bebe says wait, where are you going, she is yelling. He says to look at her first. Gold goes up. Baby says it’s okay. Ajit says that he just give him a big blow to the neck or it will happen again. Swarna says no, he’s kidding. Ajit laughed. Baby hit him. She says forgive me.

Ajit asks Swarna if you’re okay. She said yes. Ajit says I’ll make tea for both of us. He goes. Girl smile. Swarna says sorry for the trouble. Bebe says don’t worry, I’m not that old. She hugs Swarna. She thinks that you are alone, you have three children, but you need the help of your friend. Arjuna refused to drink tea. Rajeshwari says that I was your everything, you used to say that you don’t need anyone. He says that now I can have friends. She says that you are ready to leave me and go with her. She says I told her I’d invite him here. She says that she is fine, invite them, she smiles now. He smiles. He says one more thing, promise me you’ll talk nice to him, treat him nice, please. She asks if you will teach me now. She talks about friendship and leaves. She says, are you ready to leave the party for them? I’ll see how they come, just wait and see. Bebe says to call Nakul when you have a problem, he is your son, you are his mother. Swarna says that Ajit knows how to remove that sprain, so I called him. Ajit brings them ginger tea. Bebe jokes with him and laughs. She says I’ll bring cookies for both of us. She goes. Swarna says your tea will get cold. Ajit asks if you are going to buy clothes for the party. Rajeshwari calls Gulabo. Gulabo says yes, tell me, he had your number saved. Rajeshwari asks how much Swarna pays you for rent. Gulabo says 1000rs per month. Rajeshwari says that I have transferred Rs 60000 in his account, take it out of the house. Bebe calls Nakul. She says that she was calling you for a long time, Swarna got sick. He asks her how she is now. Rajeshwari says I don’t care, ask them to leave her house. Gulabo asks what is your feud with him. She looks at Babe. Bebe says that she is your mother, come see your mother once. Nakul says yes, I’ll come later, I’m busy right now. Gulabo says that I can’t fight him alone, Ajit is with him. Rajeshwari says that I will send thugs, but this work must be done today, my name must not appear. Gulabo says don’t worry, I got it. Ajit says I want to give Goldie a brooch. Swarna says yes, I give her an embroidered handkerchief. Bebe says that we will also carry this bouquet. Ajit jokes. Swarna asks her to go home and spend time with Dhillon. He says I’ll call and ask for you. He’s leaving. Bebe says that she cares a lot about Swarna.

The dhaba staff praise Ajit. Ajit says I have to go to Goldie’s house for a party today, go get things. He looks at himself. He says I look great, this hurt and pain… he sees a sari for Swarna. He says I couldn’t tell him my feelings, Babe was there, Swarna I don’t want you to get into any trouble and call me for help, I want to be with you all the time and take care of you. He smiles and says I want to give you this and confess my feelings, just say yes once, we’ll be together. Or jaaniya… he plays…

Swarna asks Bebe to get ready. She says I’ll work until then. Gulabo arrives and asks them to leave. Babe stops the thugs. Gulabo says you don’t live here now. She tells them to get lost. Swarna asks how are you saying, we have given you a month advance. Gulabo returns the advance. Swarna says we can’t go like this, you should have told us a month ago. Gulabo says this is my wish, it is approximately Rs 60000. Swarna asks what you mean someone is paying you to give us permission. Gulabo says that you just leave, otherwise these men will throw you and your belongings away. Golden concern.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Amena

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