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Swaran Ghar 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav gets kidnapped

Swarna Ghar Aug 4, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Swarn asking Aarav to stay with Kiran. He says that he was looking for you. She asks him to buy chocolates. She says I have this chocolate here. She says that nothing is down. Nimmo and Kiran search for Aarav. Kiran sees Swarna giving Aarav chocolates. Swarna asks him to go with Kiran. She blesses him. Kiran calls out to Aarav. He passes out. Swarna tries to catch up to him. The kidnapper says that he is my son and takes Aarav away. Swarna sees the man taking Aarav away. She runs to save Aarav. Arjun leaves in his car. A woman strikes gold. She drops the gold. The kidnapper leaves in the car. The kidnapper was accompanied by a woman. Ajit approaches Swarna and asks her what happened, how did you fall. She says Aarav. She runs to see.

Go back to gold. He asks if you saw that car number, if you’re okay. Swarna hugs Kiran and comforts her. She says we’ll find her. The inspector asks if she saw him eating something. Kiran says yes, she was eating something. She remembers and says that this lady had something in her hand, ask her. Nimmo says yes, she fed something. Swarna says that Aarav picked up a dropped chocolate and ate it, I took it from his hand and gave him the chocolate I got. Kiran says that you took revenge on me, tell me, where did the thugs take my Aarav? Vikram looks on. The inspector asks what chocolate you gave the boy. Swarna says that I took chocolate from his hand. Ajit says go get the boy, these ladies got mad. Nimmo receives a call from Nakul. Kiran tells Nakul, our Aarav was kidnapped. He asks what do you mean, wasn’t he with you? Nimmo says that we were all with him, Swarna did. Vikram asks him to stop him.

Nimmo asks Nakul to ask his mother. Nakul asks what is all this, tell me what is going on. Ajit says not to worry, the police are here too, we’ll find him. Vikram says I’ll tell you what happened. He is going to speak. Ajit says that Swarna is the child’s grandmother, why would she do this? Go find the boy. The inspector says we have to take action against him. Rajeshwari says we will have Chinese food. Arjun says that a boy bumped into me at gurudwara, he was cute. She says that children are usually cute. Says boy reminded me a lot, you’re cute too. they laughed.

Aarav is with the kidnappers. Arjun and Rajeshwari heard the news of the child abduction on the radio channel. Aarav asks where is my Dadi, take me to her. The kidnapper scolds her. Arjun worries. He asks Rajeshwari to drive the car home, he will go to the Gurudwara. She asks what about our board meeting and lunch. He asks her to take charge of the meeting. He gets out of the car. She talks to the inspector. The kidnappers look at the police. Lady Manju asks him not to worry. She lies that her son is sick. The kidnappers started shooting. Arjun is shocked to see two policemen being shot. He sees the car number.

He called the commissioner. Inspector says child is with kidnappers, they shot two policemen, the owner of the radio channel saw this and informed us. Swarna asks if you found Aarav. The inspector says we’ll find him. He scolds Kiran for blaming a good woman. Swarna asks if they have weapons, bring Aarav back. He asks her to pray.

Nimmo says to stop this drama when you don’t care about her. He asks them to stop the fight. Ajit says that the kidnappers will ask for ransom. Swarna says that whatever we give them, bring Aarav back. The gold cries. Ajit says that Aarav will return, don’t worry, when a mother raises her hand in prayer for a child, even God cannot ignore that prayer. Swarna goes to the Gurudwara and offers prayers. She ties a knot in her dupatta.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Amena

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