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Swaran Ghar 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran saves Ajit

Swarna Ghar Oct 27, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with the lawyer reading the newspaper for Bali and Swarna. Baby is crying. slope sign. Divi asks Vikram to stop the men and not hit Ajit. Vikram asks Divi not to be fooled by feelings. Ajit says I won’t break. Vikram says that Swarna and Baljeet’s relationship would have been added there. Bali asks Swarna to sign. Swarna remembers Nakul. She thinks forgive me Ajit, I know why I’m doing this. Yug says please don’t do this mom. Swarna sees Nakul’s photo and cries. She picks up the pen to sign. Divya comes and sees it. She yells stop aunt Swarna, Ajit’s heart matches too, he can save Nakul. Swarna and everyone is shocked. Swarna cries and drops the pen. Yug calls but the nurse says the lever doesn’t match. Divi says that the nurse was forced to say so. Saroj asks Swarna to sign the papers. Devi says to save Ajit, Vikram wants to kill him. Gold is surprised. Divi says that Vikram has sent thugs, he doesn’t want you to get married, please save my father, he will kill Ajit. Swarna says I won’t let this happen. Saroj stops him. Bali asks him to sign. She says that I am going to save my son and Ajit. She pushes Saroj away and leaves. Bebe and Yug follow. Balli calls Vikram and asks if you can’t stop Divi, he came here and told everything, Swarna left here, I told you that I will marry Swarna and then give your share, but now Swarna chala Gaya, I want my rights, I’ll take get ready, Swarna has gone to save Ajit, be careful. Vikram gets angry. He says I don’t want to lose, I’m giving you the last chance, he runs away and accepts that you won’t give your heart to Nakul. Ajit scolds her and says that you are a coward, you can’t kill me. Vikram asks the men to beat Ajit and break him until he loses his breath. Ajit is beaten.

Vikram asks why you want to die, just listen to me. Ajit says look me in the eye, if your inner man has become a demon then why don’t you look me in the eye, you can’t kill me, you’re scared he’ll die, you don’t have guts or hate inside. Vikram remembers Ajit’s words and gets angry. He says I hate you, that I have the guts to kill you. They beat Ajit. He takes the rod to kill her. Swarna arrives there and stops Vikram. She slaps Vikram and says that you hate Ajit, okay, but your love for Nakul is less, you didn’t think about your brother, how did you do it? She slaps Vikram repeatedly. She asks the men to leave Ajit. She holds Ajit. Ajit falls. She asks Ajit to get up. She asks Vikram not to think about touching Ajit. Vikram says that I care about Nakul too, Baljeet is donating her liver. She asks what’s up with the lawsuit from her, you don’t have a problem. He said no. She says that I have seen many things in life, good and bad times, good and bad relationships, joys and sorrows, but I never complain to God, I curse myself today for having given birth to a son like you. Vikram cries. She asks Ajit to get up. She asks Yug to call someone from the hospital. The neighborhood boys come and take Ajit away. baby is coming Swarna says that if something is wrong with Ajit or Nakul, then I don’t know what I will do with you. She slaps Vikram and tells him don’t call me mommy, your mom is dead. She goes. She baby says when you were born, I celebrated your birth and distributed sweets, I wish I had killed you, you are the devil, you did not deserve a mother like gold, I want to kill you, shameless, what are you doing? she knows she’s dying, you’re talking like that here. She goes.

The doctor treats Ajit and says that he is very hurt, he has internal injuries, we had planned a liver transplant. The baby asks what we are going to do now. Kiran asks if he can’t donate his liver. Vikram smiled. The doctor says no, he has to be fine, first we have to do his internal surgery, he needs a month to be ready, Nakul can’t wait until then, once the cancer has spread, it will spread soon, Tell me, do you want ? take this risk? Jai says no, the father’s life is in danger. Swarna says you’re right, Ajit should be okay first, I don’t want his life to be in danger. Ajit regained consciousness. He says let the operation go ahead, I will donate liver and save Nakul. The doctor says that this will put his life in danger. Swarna says no, get better first, Bali can donate liver. Ajit says no, it is my right and duty to save Nakul, I will not let you pay the price of Balli. She says you’re not okay. She says that you are not my wife yet that I will listen to you.

He asks the doctor to prepare for the liver transplant operation. He asks Jigar to sign the form. Jai sees Vikram and leaves. Devi cries. Ajit says for him to take Divi, that he shouldn’t come even after my death. Swarna says that he came to me and told me that your liver matches Nakul, otherwise Balli… Divi apologizes to Ajit. Bebe says you’ll be fine, Ajit. Ajit says don’t cry, I won’t leave you easily. He asks Swarna not to worry, he will calm down and come. Swarna cries and shakes her head.

Ajit has been taken to the OT. Divya says this is my fault. Vikram says it was your stupidity. Swarna sits down to pray. Vikram scolds Divi. He says I didn’t do anything, this crazy girl did this, I’m also worried about Nakul. Swarna goes to Vikram.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amena

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