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Swaran Ghar 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran falls in huge dilemma

Swarna Ghar Oct 26, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode starts with Yug saying that Ajit and Nakul must have had a liver fight. He calls the hospital and asks about Ajit’s report. The nurse says the report has come, I’m sorry, his liver is not a match, Baljeet’s liver is a match, come to the hospital and complete the paperwork. Gold is surprised. The nurse ends the call and says you did me wrong. Vikram asks what the problem is, Baljeet’s heart coincidence happened. He thanks Divi and says that you told me that Ajit’s liver matches Nakul’s lever. Divi remembers going to the lab to get the report. She looks for the report. She hides from the nurse. FB finished. Vikram says I don’t want my mother to marry Ajit either, Baljeet will donate her liver, get out of here, I’ll take care of it here. She goes. She says that Nakul will get her heart back, Swarna will get her beloved son back, I will get back what I lost. She misses her home.

Saroj and Balli ask Swarna to make a decision soon. Kiran says that she accept the marriage, Nakul is her favorite son, save him. Bebe says no, I will not allow Swarna to marry this animal, I will get tested and donate my liver. Saroj asks him to see how old he is, he can only bless the children. Aarav says that Swarna is a powerful woman, that she will save dad. Kiran says to save Nakul. Bebe says this shouldn’t happen, where is Ajit, why didn’t he come, he will come and fix everything.

Vikram burns the report and calls Balli. He asks what is going on there. Bally says I’m going to marry Swarna at some point. Vikram says ok, you remember, you have to give me part of the house, I helped you, Ajit could have donated his liver too, since his liver also matched Nakul’s. Ajit hears this and gets angry. She scolds Vikram. Vikram runs. Divi asks why I am thinking more, I am not happy with this marriage, Nakul will survive. She sees Ajit’s scooter and says that dad may know about the report. The thugs caught Ajit. Vikram comes there. He says sorry I didn’t mean to do that. Ajit asks what happened. Vikram says that Bali and your liver match Nakul, I don’t want you to donate the liver, I want Bali to donate it, Bali has made a condition and wants to marry Swarna, Swarna marries him. Vikram asks the thugs to beat up Ajit. Ajit beat up the men. Saroj asks Bebe if he accepts this relationship. Bebe says it’s better to poison the gold.

Saroj insults Swarna. Yug scolds Saroj. Saroj says that I am taking advantage of this situation. Ajit is beaten. Yug says that there is a lot of difference between Ajit and Bali. Saroj asks Swarna how long he will think. Swarna worries and wonders why my luck brought me to this juncture. Bally says that she is more worried about her lover than her son. Saroj scares Kiran. Kiran fainted. Worried about Swarna Kiran. Ajit still fights with the thugs. Swarna says that I won’t let anything happen to Nakul. Bebe says don’t do this, Saroj and Balli will refuse after getting married. Saroj says that I have always maintained my point, you should be happy that someone has come to save your grandson. Swarna thinks of Nakula. Ajit gets angry with Vikram. She scolds Vikram.

It says that I asked Swarna to support you, you are managing Nakul’s life and Swarna’s future, you are trash, I feel sorry for your family. Devi arrives and worries about Ajit. Ajit asks him to leave. Vikram says that Divi is also bad like me, ask her how she learned to be her like me, she took the file and she gave it to me, ask her. Ajit asks Divi if she knows that my liver has matched. The ballon d’or goes. Divi just asks Ajit to agree. Ajit asks if you were with Vikram. She asks him to listen, Bali will do kaleja daan. She asks Vikram to leave her father behind. Vikram asks the thugs to beat up Ajit. She says to leave my father. She asks Ajit to agree. Ajit says you’ll see me beating now, why are you crying, now you’re laughing. Devi cries. Ajit fell. thought of gold Yug and Neelu ask Swarna not to do this and wait for Ajit. Baby cry.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amena

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