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Swaran Ghar 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun’s alliance for Swaran

Swarna Ghar Sep 23, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Arjun asking Swarna to eat something. Gold says no. He asks but why, at least he drinks juice. She says no, please. She left. Ajit comes home. Babe says awesome, you got coal, where you going? Ajit says that Swarna has gone to the office, otherwise you wouldn’t have called me. Bebe says that Swarna will understand what you are to her. She says I’m worried, I know she didn’t eat anything, she’s Vikram’s mother, she must have hurt herself. She asks if you called him. Swarna says where are you Ajit, I thought you would come. On the call, Swarna talks to Bebe. Bebe says she wanted to ask you, did you eat anything? Swarna says yes, she had food. Baby says okay, take care. Ajit says that she didn’t eat anything, I’ve known him since he was a child. She says that I brought this bracelet for him, for him to eat this, Kanwal also used to feed him, she used to talk to me and ease his heart, but now. Baby asks what. She says that she doesn’t need me, that there is someone better than me for him. She says you always stood up for her. She says that I will always defend him. She says you love her, show her your love.

He says I’m going to show, I have guts but… she says you can’t talk in front of her. She says that she rejected me. She says you have to try, did you keep the ring or not. She sees the ring and says that I always carry it with me. She says that you love her very much, Kanwal was very smart, she understood that only you can take care of her or her, so she gave you this responsibility. He asks if you think so too. She says that if everything is available in life, but not a true lover, just do what I tell you, she will choose you as her life partner, do not underestimate yourself. He says you get encouragement from your words, I will not lose courage, when he comes, feed him bracelets. She says I’m not going to eat, I have sugar. He goes. Arjun asks if you’re sure we’re not in a hurry. Bua says no, you can talk to her later, she’s in charge. Ajit thinks Bebe is right, no one can replace me in Swarna’s life. He’s leaving. Arjun congratulates Bebe. He says that she is my aunt. Bebe says you gave me a nice surprise, Swarna goes to the office. Arjun says that yes I went there, I met him, wow I wanted to meet you. Boo says I’m Goldie’s boo, but as her mom, I’m here to talk about her. Bebe says that she is very good. Ajit says I forgot my wallet instead of gold. He comes back. Bebe says that Kanwal left me and Swarna, but Swarna took good care of me, she is my daughter. Ajit sees the car and says that maybe Goldie has come to drop Swarna off, how do I carry my wallet? I’ll see Swarna once. Bua says that you will be surprised to hear this, it may sound strange to you, but I want to speak clearly, I came to ask for a golden hand for my Goldie. Bebe and Ajit are shocked. Bua says that the couple Goldie and Swarna will be one in thousands, they will be very happy together, Goldie also wants the same. Arjun shook his head. Ajit gets sad. Bua says I know the matter is big, I don’t know what you think about your bahu’s remarriage, so I asked Goldie to talk to you first. Ajit left.

Arjun says that if you got hurt, I’m sorry. Bebe says that I am very worried about Swarna, she is single, Goldie knows about her children, but still, I can’t say anything without knowing her wishes. Bua says well, you speak nicely. Arjun asks me if she should talk to him if you give me permission. She drinks misses Ajit. She says that the wish for gold is my wish. Arjuna wonders what is the desire for gold. The gold comes home. She sees Arjun and Bua. She greets him. She says that Ajit’s health deteriorated after he came from Kasauli. Arjun says that bua came from Kasauli so he brought her here to meet Bebe. Swarna says I’ll bring tea. Bua says no, now come on, bless. Arjun says that we will meet tomorrow at the office. Swarna says it’s Sunday. He says oh yeah. Bua asks them to make a coffee plan, the friends look for excuses to meet. Swarna says she’s fine. Arjun smiled. He goes with the aunt. Swarna says I think I should meet Ajit, he didn’t call, what do you think? Bebe says that it doesn’t matter, what do you think, come, I’ll serve you the food. Ajit remembers his past and cries. He says Goldie always represents gold, he’s like Kanwal, he’s rich, he looks good, he’s better than me, last time I didn’t try, this time I should try, not gold I wanted him to come into his life, so I didn’t called not once.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amena

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