Swaran Ghar 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran agrees to her selfish children’s demands

Swaran Ghar 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran agrees to her selfish children’s demands

Swaran Ghar 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran agrees to her selfish children’s demands

Swarna Ghar Oct 14, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Nakul asking Swarna to do whatever he wants. Kiran says yes, I’m with you too, you have every right to live. Vikram says I’m not happy, but if everyone agrees, then I’m fine. Swarna asks if you have no problem. Nakul says no, don’t worry about Yug, he’ll agree, I’ll talk to him. She cries. Vikram says but Ajit came with a stick, did you see what he did? They all brainwashed him against Ajit. Nakul says you should marry someone wise, like your father, he was so smart and settled, someone like him Arjun Deol. She asks what. He says yes, he has helped us a lot, he faced problems because of Ajit, Arjun solved our problems, he comes to one of your calls, he is not angry, he is happy, he is sensible. She says no, it can’t happen.

He says I’ll ignore whatever Ajit did, but his children won’t accept you. She says no, Jai agrees. Vikram says that Divi is crazy. He says that it will be difficult to convince her, but I will talk to her. Nakul says you don’t need to convince him. She says that Divi is Ajit’s daughter. He asks why you want to suffer, Arjun has no children. Vikram says that he thinks, Arjun is better than Ajit. Bebe arrives and asks Vikram to stop the drama. She asks Nakul to show her wound where she got hurt. She says that she did not hurt herself with a stick, Ajit calls me and tells me the truth, they are cheating on you, Ajit went to Swarna Ghar with sticks, but not to hit anyone, he just talked to them. FB shows Ajit asking Nakul what happened. Nakul falls and is injured. FB finished. Bebe says that Ajit took Nakul to the hospital, he did nothing. She asks Kiran if I said wrong. Kiran says no. Babe scolds him. She calls Ajit there. She scolds everyone. Vikram says that it is my duty to think well of Swarna and see him happy. Bebe says that you don’t need to think well for her, she will think for herself. He says yes, I love him and Arjun…. Bebe says shut up, don’t come to her words, they don’t want your improvement. She says Swarna, that day Arjun and his aunt came to ask for your hand, I refused them. Gold is surprised. Bebe says that Goldie is a good man, he agrees, Rajeshwari brings gold house papers, she asks you to marry Arjun then she will give you the house papers. Swarna asks what you’re saying. Bebe says I didn’t like her and she refuses, your children are persuading you to marry Arjun, I’m sure Rajeshwari came to him with the same condition. Says Swarna but he has a house. Bebe says no, they don’t have it, your children have mortgaged the house. Ajit and Swarna are shocked.

Bebe says that Nakul told me this. Swarna says my house of gold is mortgaged. She remembers Kanwal’s words. She asks them to say it. Nakul says yes. Bebe asks how you did this, that house was a sign of love and togetherness from your parents, Kanwal built that house with love and hard work. Nakul says that Vikram did this, I was in America. Vikram says that Kiran was with me. Kiran says I don’t know anything. Vikram says that he had mortgaged the house to save the business, he didn’t know that Roshan is a cheat. Bebe says you cheated on your mother.

Vikram and Nakul say that we should think about how to bring back home and rectify this mistake. Babe scolds them. Nakul says I want home, since he has memories of mom and dad. The gold cries. Nakul says that Roshan threatened us not to leave Nakul, I know that Swarna can do anything for Aarav. Bebe asks her to save the house, why would Swarna sacrifice herself? The gold runs out. Ajit goes after her. They all argue. Swarna stops and tells everyone to stop. She says I’ll do whatever you want to get the golden house back. Ajit asks what you are saying. She says that if my children feel that this is the only way and the right way, then I will do it. He calls Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari asks if you called me to give a lecture. Swarna says no, I called to fully understand your terms. Rajeshwari says ok, he’s coming home in an hour. Swarna says done, another thing… Kiran smiles. Bebe asks what you are going to do. Swarna says only what you just heard.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amena

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