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Spy Bahu 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal reveals the truth to Minal

Spy Bahu Sep 7, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Yohan asking Ahana to get out of his house before he loses control. He is leading her outside, when she brushes past his hand and runs into her house. She leads into the kitchen. Veera asks what is this? Johan asks what is this madness? Ahana says I will cut my wrist, if you ask me to go and ask where will I go? She asks him to forgive her and to let him stay here. Yohan says that I can’t forgive you and that you can’t stay here. Sejal arrives there and says I have forgiven you. Yohan says you don’t know what he did. Sejal says that I know and says that he doesn’t want anyone’s blood to flow in his house. She tells Aahana that she knows her pain because Nanda ji and her relationship broke up and her childhood dreams of her, she says that she can understand being a woman. Ahana apologizes to him and asks him not to kick him out of the house. Sejal takes a knife from him. Ahana asks for a chance. Yohan says that you should have thought of this before committing such a heinous crime. He says that I will not forgive you and that you will not stay here. Sejal says I’ll give him a chance. Meenal asks Sejal what she is saying. Sejal says Mahira was about to leave her family, she says if I can get a second chance, why can’t she? She asks Yohan to forgive her. John says last chance. Veera thinks I have to get Ahana out somehow, since she has become more of a problem for him than Sejal. Ahana arrives in the kitchen and thinks about hurting Drishti, so that Yohan gets closer to her (Ahana). Sejal gets there and says that she forgot to say something. She says that Hichki was asking which hand you mixed the poison with. She turns on the induction gas switch and places Ahana’s hand on it. She says that whenever the child is in danger, the mother does not let the aggressor live, she says that this is for my son. She says that I forgave you for myself, and this little punishment for my peace hiccups. She says that the pot of sin is broken with a big hammer. She leaves him and says that she will send him to heal her burns. She reminds him and leaves.

Meenal tells Sejal that they are going to Jamnagar. He says that you have forgiven the girl who tried to harm your son. Sejal asks if you want to take me by force. Meenal says if you had remembered, you wouldn’t have stopped here. She asks him to come. Sejal says that we are the Kothariya brand, we can fall but we cannot stop. She closes the door. Meenal asks what you said and she remembers that Saras said the same thing. Sejal apologizes and says that I have to work to save my husband and son from bad people. She says I didn’t forget anything, but she remembers everything. She says that thanks to Ambe Maa, my girl and I were saved. She says that I had decided that very day that Sejal will have to die to get justice. Meenal asks how it happened. Sejal says this mission started 5 months ago.

A FB is shown showing Sejal in the hospital after the van falls out of the valley due to Ahana’s conspiracy. She regains consciousness and sees SK and Tana ji standing up. She puts on her glasses and looks at them. She tries to extract the glucose sauce, etc. SK says you are still weak. Sejal says that both of them are responsible for my condition. She says that she wants to tell Yohan about the truth about Veera Nanda. SK says you regained consciousness after a month. Tana ji says that her seat got stuck in such a way that she survived the fire. She says you were unconscious and we got you out of the valley. SK says Yohan Nanda and everyone thinks you’re dead. Sejal says you didn’t tell Yohan about me. She tries to leave. SK says that he is not safe for you. Sejal says that I am just a wife who wants to save her husband. SK says that she is risking her son’s life to save Yohan. She shows the report and says that it is a miracle that the boy survived this big accident. Sejal gets excited. SK says that the future of her child is related to her decision. FB ends. Sejal tells Meenal that SK sir made her understand. A fb again. SK says that we refuse to accept you as a spy to save you from a terrorist group. She says the police declared you dead. Sejal says if it’s okay to hide from Yohan that this is her baby. She says that Johan will accept me.

SK says that he has been so brainwashed by Veera and fake Mahira that he will never accept you. Sejal says I want to meet her once. Tana ji says if there is any mistake? Sejal asks what to do? Tana ji asks Sejal to expose the fake Mahira and Veera Nanda. SK says that God didn’t save you for this, and says that this Sejal’s death is the beginning of Paro’s life. Tana ji says that her mission will be the same, but a new soldier will accompany her on her mission. Hard comes there. SK says that he is Harsh, an ordinary man we had spied on. He says that he will take you to his village, you will find him in an unconscious state, you are a helpless girl who has lost her memory. Tana ji says that you have to make Yohan believe that you have lost your memory, only then will Veera Nanda believe. Sejal says that I will do this for my son, for my love and for my nation. FB ends.

Meenal gets emotional after hearing it. Sejal remembers to bring Johan back. Sejal says that I can’t come in front of you and let you feel the pain alone. Meenal asks him to ask her dad and says that I never thought you would leave me. Sejal apologizes to him and cries. Sejal says that he will work until Veera and the fake Mahira are punished for his crimes and until he proves my innocence. Meenal asks why you didn’t let her go today. Sejal says that she, too, will feel that I have longed, that she will regret meddling in our lives for days. She says that she didn’t know that a mother and a wife can go to great lengths to save their family from her. Meenal says that she is with him. Sejal says I know my mom is with me and hugs her. Ahana thinks that Sejal’s neck should be suffocated so much that she doesn’t even cry.

Precap: Sejal talks to Harsh and tells him that it’s time to take our mission to its destination. Harsh asks Tana ji to go to Nanda Haveli disguised as Baba. He goes to Nanda Haveli as a pandit and asks Veera to pour water from the terrace. Veera is about to fall off the roof and gets up from her wheelchair. Arun, Yohan and Shalini are shocked. She resembles Sejal.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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