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Spy Bahu 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: SK refuses to identify Sejal as Spy

Spy Bahu Aug 5, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Sejal taking Yohan to the Momos shop and says that it was to show the others, but he was actually trained inside. She asks the boy where are those two men whose office is inside. The man says that I have been selling momos here for 5 years. Sejal tells Yohan that Mr. SK must have built this store during the night to avoid any radar. Mahira says that she had said that the store is hers. Sejal asks Yohan to give him a chance and come to the SK office. He says that I have promised to support you and that he is ready to accompany you. Sejal thanks him and says I’m going to prove that I’m a spy. He asks her to come.

Tana Ji tells SK that Yohan was a photographer and then went to his house. SK says that when we were going there someone stopped us and says that you could have come in the photo with Sejal. Tana ji says I remember, she was giving Sejal a ride in my jeep when she… she remembers seeing a car from there and says… SK says if Sejal is in any pictures then… ours. The mission will be in trouble and Sejal’s identity will be very much. Tana sees Sejal coming there with Yohan on Zee TV. SK finds her missed call from her and says that maybe he told her everything and says to stop her. Sejal walks in and tells SK that she told him everything and asks him to explain why he trained her and sent her to her house. She says to tell Yohan that Abhishek is a terrorist and that he died from his bullet, and you told me to hide about this. She says I went to your momo office but you weren’t there. SK asks Mrs. Nanda, what are you saying? What momo store? He asks if Abhishek was a terrorist and you are a spy. He asks why we would send a simple girl as a spy to someone’s house. He says I don’t know why you say that. He says I met him at the Mumbai terror attacks. Sejal says I won’t let you lie and says you pushed me into this, and now you’re going to get me out. She says tell her, how did you stop her from telling the truth to Johan? Mahira asks Yohan how she is talking to the officer. Sejal asks Tana ji to tell the truth or she will be defeated. SK says that you can’t bother her and that you can’t pressure us, and she asks him to leave. Sejal goes to the official lady and asks her to tell him the truth that she took him away from Abhishek. The official lady asked him to leave.

Sejal tells Yohan that he doesn’t know why they are lying. She goes to SK and says that I know the truth that I’m a spy will always be hidden, but if I don’t tell the truth, my family will think I’m a terrorist. She breaks down and takes her hand, asks her not to leave him alone in the sea, says I can’t swim and I’ll drown. SK asks Yohan to take his wife away and tells him that they don’t want any family drama. Yohan and Sejal have tears in their eyes. Mahira smiles and leaves. Sejal sees SK and Tana ji and goes after Yohan. Tanaji closes the door and asks SK why did he do this? Does it say great treason to our own soldier? SK says shut up, if you had contacted the photographer before Yohan, she wouldn’t have suspected Sejal. He says that Sejal should have kept the truth from Johan, but he told her. He says that he betrayed us and compromised the mission. They say that now it is impossible to catch Sir ji. Tana ji says that she came here with information from sir ji, but she couldn’t believe it. She tells how she will fight against the whole world and show that she is not a terrorist but a spy. SK says that if I accept that he is a spy, some terrorist will come and kill him. She asks if it’s bad that Juan doubts him, or that we kill him before we do. She says that I thought of saving his life instead of saving his marriage. Tana ji says sorry sir.

Veera arrives at night school and tells her classmate that she has proven Sejal wrong in front of everyone. She says that Sejal doesn’t know that when spies are caught, those who brought them refuse to acknowledge them. The partner says that he has compensated the loss of 70 million rupees. Veera says that Yohan can’t work now and therefore can make chemicals at Nanda Industries. She says that both Kaam and Yohan are in my clutches.

Yohan remembers Sejal’s words. Sejal gets there and says that all the evidence, the people are against me, and he says that he wants love from him. She says that I am a patriot and asks if this is not enough. Yohan says I want to agree but I see your blood soaked sari photo and bomb maker Sejal. Sejal asks him to give her one last chance and accompany her to the Aarti Maa night school. Mahira overhears them and says that she is trying to trick Aarti Maa. She asks him to hand it over to the police. She says I can’t take it, what will I tell my Farid bhai? Sejal tells her to shut up and asks her not to take Farid Bhai’s name out of her mouth. John tells you. Sejal says yes, my. She says that Abhishek was my Farid bhai, as I am your Mahira. He remembers telling her about Mahira. Sejal says that she is the daughter of Ayat and Sharif Mirza. She says that I wrote my truth in a letter, but they didn’t let the letter reach you. She says that she read my letter and came here as Mahira. The fake Mahira asks her why she listens to her. John says that he needs proof of all this. Sejal says I’ll try everything, come to night school with me. Fake Mahira asks if you come to tease her. Yohaan says that this is the last chance for Sejal and I want to give him the full chance. Sejal hugs him and says thank you very much. She says that I will prove my truth and asks the fake Mahira to give her phone number. She says I can’t trust you. The false Mahira refuses. Sejal says that if you’re not wrong then give him the phone. Yohan asks for the phone. Fake Mahira gives him her phone number. Sejal proposed a vote of thanks. He says let it go. Fake Mahira thinks how to inform Sir Ji that Sejal will bring Yohan there to tell Aarti Nanda the truth. While they are in the car, Sejal looks at him. The song plays… ..she takes her hand.

Veera talks to Aarti’s skeleton and tells her that her daughter-in-law Sejal will go to jail for all the crimes she never committed and I will take a bath in Ganga water for all the crimes I have committed. She laughs. Sejal, Yohan and Mahira/Ahana attend night school. Veera is dancing with the skeleton. Mahira thinks how to alert Sir ji, Sejal will expose him today.

Precap: Sejal tells Yohan that Veera Nanda, the children she protects from terrorism in Kashmir, is a terrorist and is known as Sir Ji. She says that she has killed Aarti’s mother so that she can take her place. Johan asks what are you saying? Sejal asks him to turn the chair and see. John turns the chair and is surprised.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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