Spy Bahu 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal joins the mission

Spy Bahu 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal joins the mission

Spy Bahu 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal joins the mission

Spy Bahu 23 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Sejal screams. She says Bamba are you fine? she shouts. Meenal calls the doctor. Bamba opened his eyes. Sejal hugs him and says nothing will happen to you this time, Farid bhai. Meenal says Bamba is fine Sejal. Sejal takes him inside.
Bamba watches TV. Sejal fights with him for TV. They see the news that the bomb accused was 23 years old. He still hasn’t found it. A Kashmiri man was killed in the blast. He has 3 children. When will it end? Sejal is in panic. Meenal asks Saras to change the channel. Sejal gets a call from Sharma. She says why do you keep calling me? He says your brother Farid. Do you want to meet him again? If you will be a part of my mission, I will bring it to you. He might be in trouble and he needs you. Sejal remembers that day. Sejal says yes, I will be a part of your mission.

scene 2
The next morning, Meenal wakes Sejal. She receives a letter and reads it. Meenal says Sejal did you get a job in a hotel in Delhi? Recalling Sejal Sharma, she says that she will talk to her family. He said it was a secret. I’ll make some arrangements. She says this was the arrangement? Meenal says you applied in Delhi? Bamba says didi got a job in Delhi. Baa says do they know she can’t see? Meenal says how will you manage it? do you want to leave us? back there? Saras stops him. Baa says why will she leave us. Saras says you are done with your education, you said you will convert our shop into a restaurant then this job? She says if I learn in that hotel then I will be able to make it a restaurant? This is only for 6 months. Mother please Meenal says its fine but then you also have to agree to something.

Sejal tells Jatin that how did you agree for this engagement? This is not a game. He says I said yes for you. I said yes then you can go to Delhi. Don’t worry about it. You can turn it off later. Sejal says you care for me a lot.

scene 3
Sejal gets ready for her engagement. She says I am doing this engagement for mother but my real mission is to find Farid. The marriage takes place. Sejal and Jatin make each other wear rings. Sejal says don’t be mad. Jatin is a good boy. He stays close. I can come home whenever I want. I like his family, he likes me. What’s left? Baa says love. It is like salt in food. love should be. There is nothing in common between you and that man. Close your eyes and imagine a prince on a horse. Do you see Jatin in this? no right? You are not marrying for love. You are doing this to please others.

John plays polo. He wins the tournament. Baa says you will find your prince on a white horse. Sejal hugs him. John collects his trophy. Drishti hugs him. Veera says it calls for a party. Arun comes to hug Yohan. Yohan gives the trophy in his hand and says I want to dedicate this trophy to my father. If he wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here either. I would have been in jail. He tells her that you used my sister to come to your office. I used your lawyer to get out of jail. End of game. I will never come to your office. He leaves. They all leave.

scene 4
Sejal gets ready to go. Baa says tell me when you get the prince of white horse. Sejal hugs Bamba. Saras says don’t worry. Sejal says everything will be best. She hugs Saras and Meenal. Minal cries. She says don’t be afraid of anything. I will prepare for your wedding. Jatin says let’s go. They go

Sejal comes to Delhi. Tanaji welcomed him. He takes her to his secret mission center. Sharma meets. Sharma says welcome to Indian intelligence agency. This is the first stage of the biggest mission of your life. Sejal says I am scared and both get confused. Sharma says Tanaji will give you complete training. Sejal meets everyone. Tanaji takes her phone. She says I told her that I will not be available on phone for 10 days but will charge it. He says your phone will be switched off from now on. Sejal accidentally dropped the pickle and said what? She says I will clean it. She says cleaner will do it. She says that I used to do karate oats in my childhood. should i show? Like this. Everyone laughs. She says I can lift weights too. This hits Tanaji. He says stop. He says these two jars, people will put 500 if they think you can do it and you can’t. Everyone put it in he can’t jar. Tanaji says everyone thinks that here you cannot spy on Yohan Nanda.

episode ends

Update Credits: Atiba

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