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Spy Bahu 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal reunites with her childhood

Spy Bahu 17 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

scene 1
Sejal moves on. She comes to a shop and sees his flashback. She speaks in his accent. Sejal sees the kids talking, she sees flashbacks of her childhood. Sejal follows them. She sees them eating street food. Sejal runs after them. She feels confused. She says where am I? Where are mom and dad? Yohan runs after a boy and says Sohail wait. Sohail please listen. Sejal is lost in the market. John is in the same street. Meenal and Saras are shopping. Sejal calls them. Yohan stops Sohail and says from whom are you running? we do not have time. There Sejal comes. Sohail says save me didi. She remembers seeing Yohan in the car. Johan says go from here. Sejal says leave him. She pushes Johan. Sohail runs. Yohan says who are you? why did you drive him away? She says I am not afraid of you. He says you came in front of my car. Sejal is scared. He says what is your problem? Sejal leaves.

scene 2
Sejal comes outside the shop where her parents are. Meenal says what happened? She says I went to a different street and thought I am lost. Meenal hugs him. Saras says you can never go away from us. His bus arrives. Yohan is looking for Sohail. Sejal and her family are sitting in the bus. Sohail also gets into that bus. John follows it. His dupatta flies outside the bus. They come to the spot. Johan also reaches there. Sejal and Saras says we have come here for the first time. Sejal says I am feeling very strange. He says Pahar wants to say something. They want you to enjoy life. They dance in the mountains. Sejal remembers dancing with her family in the same mountains as a child. He is confused. Sejal dances.

Sejal sees a child. She follows him. Yohan calls someone and says we have only 4 hours. He looks at Sohail. Sohail runs. Sejal sees a child, she runs after him. Yohan says I know you are scared of Sohail but you cannot forget what he did to your family. you have to do it. There Sejal comes. She slips. Because of that, Yohan also slips. They are both hanging from a tree. Yohan says what is your problem? She says that child.. Sejal cries. He says why are you making so much trouble. They both fall down. Yohan holds Sejal, he says why are you in those places where you should not be. He leaves.

scene 3
Sejal is at a shop. She looks for a shawl for Meenal. John comes there. He pulls her. He says it is mine. I have already paid. Sejal asks for one more. The shopkeeper says it’s only one. Yohan says how does it feel? If you wanted something and someone else ruined it. The keeper says that he forgot his wallet. Sejal sets out in search of Yohan to return her wallet. She hears the azaan. Sejal is shocked. She sees her childhood as herself and pursues it again. Sejal comes to the Masjid and wears a dupatta and offers Namaz. She automatically knows this. She watches the flashback. Sejal regains consciousness and gets confused. She walks around the mosque confused. The head detective stops him. They say control Mahira.. She says who is Mahira? That’s the story of the girl who has just prayed. A girl born here. The girl who will reunite with her past. You are Sejal and you are Mahira. Mahira Raza. He remembers his childhood.

episode ends

Update Credits: Atiba

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