Sirf Tum July 19, 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakesh awakens from his coma

Sirf Tum July 19, 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakesh awakens from his coma

Sirf Tum July 19, 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakesh awakens from his coma

Sirf Tum July 19, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Ranveer drinking by the side of the road. A few cry and say someone save my son. He tells the couple that he is a doctor. He sprinkles wine on a cloth. The guy asks what are you doing, sprinkle the boy with wine. Ranveer says I’m a doctor and I know what I’m doing. He cleans the boy’s injury and then bandages his head. He cheers the boy up and gives him chocolate. The couple thanks him and wishes him the best. Suhani comes to Mamta and Dada ji and touches their feet to greet them. Dada ji bless them. Mamta holds her hand and says I know you know Ranveer well and apologizes to her on Ranveer’s behalf. Suhani nods no. Dada ji says, to tell the truth, we didn’t know that you love us because of Ranveer, you had argument with him and turned your face away from everyone. He says I can understand your reluctance to accept Ranveer’s help, but you should have let us know when Rakesh ji’s condition worsened last night. Suhani asks how did you find out about dad? Dada ji says Dr. Nigam informed. Mamta says she doesn’t favor Ranveer and says he’s wrong. She says in the midst of the struggle between husband and wife, the family should not suffer. She says I came to take you home now Rakesh ji is recovering. She says the house is yours too. Dada ji says I asked you not to come until Ranveer apologizes to you and says he loves you very much and asks you to talk to him and know how much he regrets his actions. He calls Ranveer. Ranveer asks if everything is ok, your voice is not clear. Dadi says our Suhani will not take the initiative, first Ranveer should apologize to her, and then Suhani will talk to him.

Ranveer overhears Dadi and tells him that she left him. Mamta says the call is on speakerphone and asks her to speak to him. He says why should he talk. He tells Suhani that that day he would have replied when she hit her himself, but didn’t do it as he didn’t raise his hand against the women. He says I will never forget that slap and says goodbye. Suhani asks Mamta and Dadaji not to ask her to come home. Mamta shows the bracelets she gave her and says they are yours and always will be yours. She says I know how a woman feels when her man doesn’t respect her. She says I don’t want your self-respect as a woman to be hurt, but I will do what a mother should do. She says I will come to your house daily and ask you to come home with me. She says you know well his anger and his love for you. Dada ji says I want to see you both together and happiness will follow. He says the house will always be yours. You go.

Suhani looks at the bracelet and cries. She hugs Sudha and cries. Vikrant comes home and calls Mamta. He asks where have they gone? Samaira says they went to Suhani Bhabhi’s house and Bhai went somewhere as usual. Vikrant says so much happened because of this girl and I was offended so much and they still care about this girl. He says they don’t know how I can manage on my own. Samaira asks do you need anything? He says no. dr Nigam comes and checks rakesh. Mamta and Dada ji come back there and greet Suhani’s family. dr Nigam tells everyone that Rakesh ji is doing much better after being transferred home. He says let him breathe naturally for 1-2 hours so we know about his health condition. Dadi goes to see Dr. Drop nigam up to the door. Suhani tells Rakesh that she will make it up to him like before. Everyone smiles.

Ranveer imagines Suhani asking him to get up and saying that she has returned. He wakes up and says it’s my dream, you can’t be here. She laughs and says I’m actually sitting here. She asks him to get up, otherwise she leaves. He says you’re not going anywhere and says I know you can’t live without me and I can’t live without you. She asks him not to drink. He says your love is enough for me and asks her not to leave him. She says you won’t leave me either. She leaves his hand and goes out. It turns out to be his dream. He wakes up. Suhani reads a book sitting next to Rakesh. He moves his fingers when he hears them.

Suhani tells Sudha that Papa’s health has improved. Mamta and Dada ji come back and greet them. The next day, Sudha changes his clothes while Suhani cleans his feet with towels. Mamta and Dada ji are sitting there. Suhani makes Rakesh wear the mask and oximeter. Rakesh makes a movement on his face. Suhani says dad we can all hear you. Rakesh opens his eyes and surprises everyone. Suhani says don’t say anything, just blink your eyelashes to answer us. He blinks his eyelashes. Everyone is thankful to God. Suhani holds her head on his chest and gets emotional and watery eyes.

Precap will be added later when available.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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