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Sirf Tum July 18, 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani senses movement in Rakesh

Sirf Tum July 18, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Ranveer telling Dr. calls Nigam and asks him about Rakesh’s health update. dr Nigam says he’s stable now after the injection. Ranveer asks him to update him on his health. dr Nigam says sure. Suhani thinks that Ranveer is upset but why is he so insensitive that he didn’t call or text her. She says he remembers his anger and ego and doesn’t remember our love if it means nothing to him. Mamta comes into Ranveer’s room and holds the tea for him. She holds her hand on his head and leaves. Samaira teaches Dadu exercise moves. Dadu says I can’t. Mamta comes there and gives Dadu juice. Dadu says I woke up in the night and heard Ranveer worrying about Suhani and saw him leaving with the meds at night. Mamta says Ranveer still loves her to this day. Dadu tells Ranveer to take the initiative. Mamta says we should remind her of her love. Samaira says we will unite them and our new mission is Ranveer-Suhani 2.0.

Suhani comes to Rakesh and says good morning. She shaves his beard and then wipes his face. She says she spoke to Ishaan today and he said he’s studying well. She says your kids will do good in their field, I’ll be a better doctor than Ranveer. Rakesh moves his finger. Suhani calls everyone and tells about Rakesh’s finger gesture as if to say something. Everyone will be happy. Suhani says dad is everyone here? She says today that Dadi scolded the milkman so much that he fell off his bike. Kamini says Suhani knows how to give false hope to others. Suhani asks Rakesh to stand up and says I will push Ranveer out of my life like he pushed you. Rakesh moves his finger. Suhani asks, did you see? Everyone will be happy. Dadi says get well soon, my day doesn’t end without talking to you. She asks can you hear me? Sudha says I won’t stop you from eating sweets and asks him to open his eyes for once. Suhani calls Dr. Nigam and informs him of Rakesh’s movement. She thanks him for delivering the medicine at the right time. He says I didn’t do that and says it’s done by Dr… She asks what the doctor’s name is. dr Nigam says nothing and asks her to keep him posted.

Mamta walks into Ranveer’s room and thinks where has he gone? dr Nigam calls Ranveer. Mamta sees the call and hopes Rakesh ji is ok, why is he calling him? She takes the call and asks if Rakesh ji is okay. dr Nigam says he wanted to tell Ranveer that Rakesh ji is responsive to the medicine. Mamta says it’s good news, I’ll tell him. She notices that Ranveer is in the bathroom and walks out. Dadu says it’s good news. Ranveer tells that Dr. Nigam called on your cell phone and said that Rakesh ji was fine. Mamta asks Ranveer to come with them and see Rakesh ji. Ranveer says no and says Papa was critical yesterday and she wandered here and there to get the medicine but she never called me once. Dadu says maybe she stopped fearing your anger. He says I’m not stopping you all from meeting her. Mamta asks if you will meet her if she wants. Ranver goes.

Suhani shows Rakesh the photos and reminisces about the moments. Sudha says he can’t hear, why do you say? Suhani says moments activate in his mind as he listens. She sees Ranveer and her wedding photo and remembers. A fb will appear. She calls Ranveer and asks where he is. He says patience finds miracles and I am your miracle. He comes in front of her holding the bouquet. She asks if you’re a miracle, then who am I? He says you are my destiny, I have it all because of you. She asks why he did so much decoration. He says he did so much. Suhani asks if it was a dream and says no one loved me like that. He says you’re only mine, we decided to make the best memories at home so we’ll only be lucky and stay together always. Sirftum plays….fb ends. Suhani is watching. Ranveer is outside and upset. Dadi tells Suhani that Ranveer’s mother and Dada Ji have come and asks if you would like to meet up. Ranveer is in front of her house.

Precap will be added later.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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