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Sirf Tum 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Only Tum Aug 5, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Sudha crying because Ishaan left the house. Dadi says that she has never done this before. Aditya calls her. Rakesh says that I scolded him for improving him and he didn’t know that she would leave the house. Aditya calls someone and tries to find out about Ishaan. Suhani asks Rakesh, Sudha and Dadi not to worry and she says that she will come back. Sudha asks him not to give false hope. Aditya asks her to give him the note left by Ishaan and says that we can get the clue. Suhani says that I have saved it somewhere. Rakesh asks to find her. Aditya says that everything that is written is important and asks her to find it. Grandma asked to find him. Suhani says fine. She asks Aditya to go out and ask the neighbors. Aditya came out. Rakesh asks Suhani to find the note. Suhani shows them the note on her mobile and says that she didn’t show the note to Aditya. She says that Aditya will recognize my handwriting and asks Sudha to write a note to show Aditya. Dadi says that Ranveer has ruined her, Ishaan goes to her house. Sudha cries. Suhani says that Ishaan will come back as soon as she calms down. We will explain later. She says I’m worried, where is he? Ishaan is walking on the road. Aditya returns and sees the note written by Sudha. He says that there is no clue in this note. He says that he doesn’t know what’s going on in his mind. He says I questioned everyone, no one spoke to him or saw him. He says that the police write the missing person report after 24 hours. Suhani asks where she got the money from and asks if anything is missing from the house. Dadi says we checked the house and nothing is missing. Suhani says that it means that she has taken something valuable. She asks them to check her jewelry.

Sudha returns and tells her that her earrings are missing. Dadi is surprised and says that now he has a habit of stealing, we lost our son. Suhani says no, she didn’t take the whole outfit, she didn’t have bad intentions and she only took the earrings for travel expenses. She says that this is a hope for us. She asks if you have sold or bought anything since we arrived. Dadi says I changed my earrings and went to Shree Krishna jewelry. Suhani calls the jewelers and tells the boy that her brother had gone to sell jewelry, and asks him to report her when she gets there, as she has forgotten some jewelry here. She asks Aditya to go and check with other jewelers. She thinks that Ranveer is telling her that she is not going to receive Ishaan. She says I won’t let it get to you. Suhani is on her way, when she receives a call from Sri Krishna Jewelers, who tells her that her brother has come, when she tells him about her phone, he leaves in a hurry. Suhani gets out of the car and runs off. Aditya looks at her. Suhani asks him to check another way. Ishaan sees her and runs. Suhani runs after him and grabs his hand and tells him that I won’t let you go to Ranveer.

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Update Credits: H Hassan

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