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Sherdil Shergill 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Manmeet refuses the proposal of Rajkumar

Sherdil Shergill Nov 9, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

In the morning, Manmeet opens the curtains, Raj angrily thinks he is in his room, so he tells Bijesh to let him sleep, Manmeet explains that he is her boss, he is stunned and asks if he can bring her here. Where are Lai and her clothes, Manmeet assures that he did not take advantage of her during the dream when she asks why he brought her here, he replies that if she had not brought him, he would have been on the stage of the club of Kuku. Rajkumar wonders what is going through her mind when he first slaps her and then she herself arrives at the club.

Puneet is preparing breakfast, she takes him to the room when she hears Manmeet telling her that he feels bad about what happened, so she comes to apologize to him, Rajkumar asks her what is the real reason if she only came to apologize so she can have said this. a call, Manmeet asks him to have breakfast and return home, he turns to leave when he answers that he still remembers everything, she gets annoyed when the prince stands up and asks why she doesn’t say anything, he yells, she she thinks she was under the influence, but he takes her hand and says he’s crazy about her and in love with her. Puneet gets excited hearing Rajkumar’s proposal, she runs to wake up Ajit who is sleeping on the sofa and Raj proposes to him. When Puneet replies that he is proposing to Manmeet, Ajit worries: How did she get here so soon?

Rajkumar asks her why she is silent because she just said I love you, Manmeet replies that he asked her to come home, but Rajkumar insists on knowing her answer, she asks Anisha. What about the commitment? Rajkumar replies that it was her biggest commitment. mistake since she thought that Manmeet would accept her decision and would not let her get married but she did not do any of that, Manmeet mentions that everything was for her, little by little the prince makes her sit down and tells her that the last three months were the most beautiful of his life and asks him to just say yes and assures him that he will make sure that he lives happily with her, that he will spend all day with her, he wants to spend together at home and even in the office. She gets excited because her father has also thought of the names of her children. Saying that he should do it in the style of Shah Rukh Khan, Rajkummar proposes to Manmeet on his knees.

Manmeet helps her explain that she needs some time to think about it, Rajkumar replies that she may have four hours, but she needs to say it at night because until she gives him an answer, he won’t leave her. Raj comes back to hug Manmeet, she doesn’t even push him away but he comes back one more time which makes her tense but tells her that he forgot her mobile phone and her shoes.

Rajkumar opens the door to see Ajit and Puneet standing in the doorway. He seeks Ajit’s blessings but hugs Puneet before he leaves.

Puneet walks straight into the room and asks Manmeet why she didn’t say yes, she sits across from him, but Manmeet refuses to ask her to sit next to him, Manmeet tells her that she needs some time, so she Ajit asks him to come. outside.

Nirali asks Murari why he didn’t tell her why Mr. Yadav was called to the police station, Murari replies that it doesn’t get her anywhere since the situation with Madam Shergill, Murari tells Mr. Yadav to walk. she runs to tell him that she was really upset, Mr. Yadav replies that she had gone for tea, but she came up with a brilliant idea, she explains that she needs to pamper the child for DNA.

Manmeet is thinking about Rajkumar in his office so after a while he calls Rajkumar and explains that he wants to know his answer so he wants to meet him at the Cuckoo club tonight.

The prince gets ready and excitedly leaves the room, dancing again with his mother who is stunned by what she has found.

Rajkumar was thinking at night while driving when Manmeet asked him if he loved him, but he didn’t say anything.

Rajkumar congratulates everyone as he explains that everyone must be wondering why they are in the dark as he just wants to show them the one he loves. He tells them that Manmeet Shergill won his heart, so he calls him to the stage. Rajkumar is surprised that he can’t move, Manmeet standing in front of him tells him that she too has gone crazy for him, she replies I love you Rajkumar asks if this is what he wants to hear, they both smile while the prince is happy. .

However, Rajkumar turns around and is shocked to see Mr. Yadav with his entire family standing in front of him, while Manmeet is serious, she raises her hand to apologize for everything. She replies that she just wants to know if he wants that answer because she’s not him, she replies “I don’t love you” or “I want to marry you”. Manmeet turns to Mr. Yadav and explains that she had to say this here because she knows how he hid everything from them that caused a lot of trouble, so she thought that she would fix everything in front of her.

Manmeet tells Rajkumar that his son has lost his mind, Choti warns him about how he is talking about his brother, Manmeet replies that he is asking for Prince’s sake as he is a compulsive liar and he comes here twice a week. live comedy. Mr. Yadav is furious with Rajkumar when he is really surprised.

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