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Sherdil Shergill 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Manmeet gets against Bhairav

Sherdil Shergil Jan 6, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Manmeet worrying about Nirali. Puneet says that we will take the children to the garden. Manmeet asks Bhairav ​​what did you do. Bhairav ​​says Raj, tell your wife not to come between us, this is Nirali and my business, tell her, no one has the right to speak against me. Manmeet says listen to me papa ji, you speak to me directly, if you tell Raj then Raj will tell me, it will be a misunderstanding as always, I am your daughter in law, I have the right to have my opinion, she is not unique, she is only your wife. , She is the mother of Raj, my mother-in-law, she is a woman, if you have done something wrong in anger, then apologize to her, what’s wrong? Nirali says enough, this doesn’t happen here. Badi asks Raj to ask Manmeet to move out.

Gunjan receives a call. She says sorry and leaves. Her mother-in-law asks why you answered the call late. Gunjan says that I am at Raj’s house, there are some problems here. Her mother-in-law asks why your dad came here. Gunjan says trust me, I didn’t talk to him. Her mother-in-law says to go and ask Raj for money. Gunjan says that Raj promised me that he will help us. Puneet listens to Gunjan. Her mother-in-law scolds her and ends the call. Bhairav ​​asks Raj to silence his wife. Raj asks him what is he saying wrong, you weren’t nice to mom. Nirali says calm down, I’m sorry, don’t take her words the wrong way, it’s Anmol’s birthday. Manmeet says that the birthday will happen, you will not apologize. Raj asks Bhairav ​​to apologize. Bhairav ​​says that I will never ask any woman for forgiveness, Manmeet wins, she is independent but not all women win, ask Nirali if she won anything, does anyone know her, she is Bhairav’s wife, that’s all. ? Nirali cries.

Manmeet says that Nirali made this house a home, she raised your children. Bhairav ​​says that I know, but she can never be the same as me. He asks Murari to get him the car. He’s leaving. Nirali cries and leaves. Gunjan says I’m sorry but I need your help. Raj says that this is not the right time. She says only you can help me please, Manmeet shouldn’t know about this otherwise my marriage might break up. Raj asks him not to worry. He goes to Manmeet. He says don’t worry, mom is fine. She says that she has gotten used to it. They say this has never happened before. She says I can’t believe this, it must have happened before. She says that dad loves mom very much. She says that he should respect her. She says that you scold me too. She says I’m doing this for your own good, I’ve thought about it, Dad has to apologize. Ask what the plan is, I’m going to rehearse my lines. She receives a message from Gunjan.

He calls his messages spam. He goes and gives 25 lakhs to Gunjan. He says this is wrong, your in-laws can’t threaten you, promise me, you’ll tell me if they bother again. She says yes, now I’m leaving. He asks her to take care of her. Bhairav ​​and Murari come. Gunjan greets them and leaves. Manmeet talks to Nirali. She says that you promised me, you will not argue with me, dad did not apologize, I will apologize to him. Nirali says that she forget it. Bhairav ​​sees the empty dining room table. The servant says that Nirali said that she will not cook today. Murari says I’ll go see what this new play is. Women enjoy the spa at home. Murari looks. He asks what is all this. Bhairav ​​comes and asks where everyone is. He asks where Raj is. Murari says I don’t know. Manmeet says that Raj went to the office, I said goodbye, Murari can ask Brijesh to cook. Bhairav ​​asks why, the women in the family are dead. Manmeet says that you said that the work they do, the servants of the house can also do that work.

end the episode

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