Sherdil Shergill 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anisha demands a DNA test of Raj and Anmol

Sherdil Shergill 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anisha demands a DNA test of Raj and Anmol

Sherdil Shergill 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anisha demands a DNA test of Raj and Anmol

Sherdil Shergill Nov 3, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Mr. Yadav asks what Anisha means, she tells him that she is talking about Raj’s DNA test and that boy, Mr. Yadav tells him to take the boy away, but Manmeet stands in front and asks him to get off. take your son.

Some time ago, Gunjan’s mother-in-law is showing Mr. Chopra pictures that Raj had tied up her son and Gunjan, Manmeet tries to clarify that it was all just a mistake, mother-in-law tries to call Mr. Yadav. The ones who asks what she is trying to say when they are not ready to listen to anyone, Manmeet asks why she is talking loudly with her mother, Manmeet clarified that she did this act because she feared that the marriage could be postponed if the truth about her child could get out, so she asked Raj to help her.

Mr. Ghopra says that they can’t slow down the milk that has a file, he turns to leave when Mr. Yadav explains that they know each other from his hard days why he behaves like this. As she apologizes to all the guests, she explains that dinner has been served on the lawn so they can go eat it, Anisha stops to explain that her actions or her father’s actions won’t solve anything. Willa, she says that she is the only one who deserves to know the truth, Anisha turns to Raj and tells him that she has liked him ever since she saw her and wanted to marry him, but what happened today She then can’t let it go so easily, and she doesn’t know exactly. who to trust, Raj replies that he doesn’t need to prove it because it’s true, Anisha assures him that she will forgive all his mistakes and admits that he is not married, but how can she believe that he is not the father of this child, Raj tries to convince her when she demands that he be the father of her child. She needs to prove this, which makes everyone suspicious, Anisha tells her that there is a DNA test between Raj and this child, this is the only way they will be able to prove that Raj is the father of this child or not.

Manmeet is shocked to hear this, she is shocked and can’t say anything, Manmeet questions what Anisha is saying, they should get Anmol’s DNA test. Mr. Yadav tells Manmeet to calm down, he asks Radha what is this test, he tells her that this test will prove who is the father of this child and if it is negative then Raj is not the father, Mr. Yadav explains. the test will definitely be done because he has to prove that his son is not the father. Mr. Yadav asks Murari to pick up the boy, he starts walking towards Anmol but Manmeet prevents him from touching his son, Manmeet mentions that if she doesn’t say anything, it doesn’t mean they have the right to claim their son because he is not a joke Manmeet said that she has been humiliated a lot but that she has no right to have her son’s DNA tested. Manmeet asks her father and her mother to come from her because they made a mistake, Raj stops Manmeet, but she replies that she must talk to her family first.

Mr. Yadav stops Raj explaining that no one has asked for his opinion, he asks Manmeet what is this behavior and why is she screaming when they are just taking her son for a simple exam, after which the blaming will end, Manmeet says the engagement is his son’s, and Raj’s ex-girlfriend left him blaming him, while her fiancé wants to get the DNA, so why blame him? On the way, Nirali asks Manmeet why she is talking to Mr. Yadav like that. Do not forget that she is in this place because of Mr. Yadav, Nirali tells Manmeet the reason for her problems, explains that she was the one who took Raj to her sister’s wedding, after what which started the problem.

Raj tries to ask his mother to stop but she gets angry that he had come to defend his father when Mr. Chopra raises his voice but doesn’t say anything in front of Manmeet, Rajkumar explains that if he stays quiet. it means he is not angry. Manmeet tells Nirali that if she is blaming him for what is happening today, then she should inform him how they have already paid a heavy price for this act and they are both told that it was in their best interest not to continue. in contact. She refuses to go to Rajkumar’s call but she is forcefully called to this engagement and even invites IN LAWS of Gunjan, so why are they questioning her? Manmeet advises Raj to do something everyone believes in, but she doesn’t drag Anmol into it.

Gunjan’s in-laws ask Manmeet what they should think about it, she asks if Manmeet and Raj are really married or who Anmol’s father is. Manmeet says that Gunjan’s relationship was fixed even when they didn’t know her, but if she tries to hurt her sister even a little bit, it will be a big problem for her.

Manmeet turns to leave. When Chhoti asks what’s the problem with getting a DNA test if she’s telling the truth, Manmeet turns to Raj and asks how many people she has to fight today because she’s so tired and now she can’t stand it. she, she turns. She explains to Mr. Yadav that she really respects him who he also knows and apologizes for any wrong she has done, Manmeet moves in with her family. .

Manmeet enters the house with Anmol and his family, remembering how Nikki said that Manmeet is Rajkumar’s wife, and Anmol is her son, Nirali also says that her bad days started when Manmeet was with her.
Puneet tries to call Manmeet but Ajit stops him, she replies that she never saw this side of Manmeet, Ajit replies because she always saw her as her daughter but now she is a mother.

Sitting next to Amol, Manmeet cries and says that for the first time she felt that she was being taken away from him, but assured that she would always be with him.

Anisha mentions that now she thinks it’s time for her to leave since no one can answer her questions, Mr. Yadav explains that he is sorry for what happened today, but he has to find a way to correct the mistakes. However, Anisha leaves without saying anything to her family members. Mr. Yadav apologizes while Rajkumar is tense.

Precap: Puneet is in the house with Anmol. When Mr. Yadav’s guards force their way into the house, they demand that Puneet hand over Anmol. Vidya calls Manmeet and asks him to come back as some thugs have broken into the house.

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