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Sherdil Shergill 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhairav opposes Raj’s decision

Sherdil Shergil 29 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Manmeet killing Raj. He gets hurt. She says sorry. He holds her face and leans in to kiss her. Ajit the flame. Raj joke. She says dad is calling it’s shocking even for him whatever happened suddenly I’ll make him understand it’s ok I know how to handle it they like you I don’t want that stress. I don’t know how your family accepts me, if they will accept me or not.

The doctor asks Bhairav ​​how did you let Raj out. He makes little excuses. The doctor says I have some appointments. He’s leaving. Bhairav ​​looks. Badi/Pummi calls Deepu and asks where you are. Deepu says that she brought Raj to Manmeet’s house. She asks Manmeet, he sent your father to jail. Bhairav ​​picks up the phone. Deepu says that Raj forced me to bring her here, forgive me. Bhairav ​​says I’m not worried, he brings Raj home. He packs the bags. Nirali asks if you kick Raj out of the house. He teases her. She says don’t send her away. Ajit says that Manmeet didn’t like any boy, and now she likes Raj, when there are a lot of problems in his family. Puneet says cheer up, Raj proved a lot, he is the best for Manmeet. Ajit says that I have a problem with Bhairav’s family, I have to send him to a good family. Manmet arrives. Ajit says that you got what you wanted in life, you have achieved everything, now come back, you and Anmol. She asks what is Skycity, my dream project, it will be ready in 10 months, my dreams get big, you know. Ajit asks if that family will accept you. She says maybe not but I changed a lot in the last few days, Raj is the reason for that change. Puneet smiled. Manmeet says that I don’t think she can have a better husband than Raj, Anmol can’t have a better father, if I say this I’m thinking of something, Raj changed my perception. Ajit says you won’t listen to me. Manmeet says that you stay with me always. She hugs them. Deepu takes Raj home. Bhairav ​​takes Raj with him.

He asks us where they are going without telling us, the doctor scolds us and leaves, Nirali was very worried. She asks Nirali to cook Raj’s favorite food. She says I have a surprise. Raj asks what’s the surprise. Bhairav ​​says he take this, visa and ticket to Australia, go to the comedy competition, win and come. Raj hands it back and says thanks but I don’t want to go now, I swear I’m off stand-up. Bhairav ​​says I will release you from that vow, I realized I was wrong, from now on your dream is mine. Raj asks for real. Bhairav ​​says yes. Raj says that now I have changed and my dreams have also changed, bless me to fulfill my new dream. Nirali asks what it is. Raj says that she proposed to Manmeet. Nirali asks again? Raj says yes, and she says yes, we want to get married. They get surprised. Raj says that Anmol will be our son, my only son, Manmeet and I will have no children, only Manmeet, Anmol and I in the family. He smiles. Nirali slaps him. She scolds him a lot. She says you think we’ll accept that girl and her illegitimate child. Raj says that Anmol is not illegitimate. Nirali says that she doesn’t know whose blood it is, your DNA report has arrived, you are not her father. Raj asks for real, no one told me, I don’t care. Pammi says that if you marry him, you will receive my curse. Raj says that Murari went to jail for her crime. Chhoti also scolds Raj. Raj tells him to shut up.

Raj says that I have decided to marry Manmeet. Nirali says it’s Bhairav’s fault, I told you not to send him to Manmeet for work, now answer me. Bhairav ​​asks Raj to sit down. Raja sits down. Bhairav ​​says don’t mistake my silence for my weakness, keep dreams limited to dreams, when dreams come true they come true, it is reality, Anmol is not your son, Manmeet is the enemy of this house, listen carefully. my words Listen, you will not marry Manmeet, she will not become our daughter-in-law. Raj worries.

end the episode

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