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Sherdil Shergill 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Manmeet and Raj return home

Sherdil Shergil Dec 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Manmeet saying that Raj is not going anywhere. Raj says that I have made this decision after thinking it over. She says it was your only decision, you didn’t think about Amma ji and Papa ji or anyone else. She says that I never want a break between you two. Nirali cries and says that Manmeet has agreed, who will explain to my son, he is my only son, he is born after so many prayers, Bhairav ​​says if Raj doesn’t come then he will break relationship with me. Puneet says that he will agree. Manmeet says that Raj and I will go home with you right now.

They return home. Bhairav ​​says stop. He asks Nirali and Pankhuri to come inside. He says everyone knows the problems we are facing, we do not keep griha pravesh, we did wrong, we will welcome our daughter in law and grandson with all the customs. Raja smiled. Manmeet asks what is going on. Raj says that I haven’t been able to understand my family until now. Pandit explains the rituals to Manmeet. Manmeet and Raj enter. Bhairav ​​makes Anmol wear a gold chain and says that my grandson is priceless.

He apologizes. Manmeet shows understanding. He thanked her. She asks Raj to take her inside. Raj says I’m worried. Manmeet asks what the problem is. He says you didn’t ask me about the mom and dad promise, I won’t support you if something happens. Nirali says that I will take revenge on Manmeet for the insult, I will not sleep until he is insulted. badi look. Manmeet says that I will try to make you understand something, please try to understand, mom and dad wanted me to get married, I never felt that I could make someone Anmol’s dad, then you came into my life. The day you said you wanted to marry me left, everything changed for me, I began to trust you more than myself, you were always by my side. He says I mean it’s nice to hear praise, but it’s unrelated to my question. She says everyone was against me when I decided to bring Anmol into this world, it took them 2 years, we should give your family time too, it’s hard for them to accept Anmol. She says that I am happy that mom and dad are trying to accept Anmol. She says it takes time, but I have an experience, people change, we have to do this together. Badi says not to think about doing anything, if Raj finds out, he will leave the house. Nirali says this should be just between us, otherwise… Badi nods. Raj falls in love with Manmeet. She says that we are not going to do anything, Anmol is sleeping. He says I’m going to ask for sugar, we’ve been hungry since morning. Nirali asks Bhairav ​​how did you give the chain to Anmol. She says that I had to break the promise, we would lose Raj today, this shouldn’t happen again. She gets angry. She believes that I will take revenge on Manmeet for his insult.

In the morning, Nirali sees Manmeet cooking in the kitchen. Murari says that I know everything, Pankhuri told me everything, don’t worry, nothing will happen to the family. They start acting. Manmeet overhears them and offers to help. Nirali asks what are you doing here, you had to go to the office. Manmeet says that seven days is not complete. Murari says that someone will come for your interview. She asks what you were saying about Pooja.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amina

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