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Sherdil Shergill 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Raj meets Anisha

Sherdil Shergill Oct 27, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Manmeet doing Tilak and Aarti to Raj. He smiles. His hand burns with Aarti’s lamp. She asks where is your meditation. Her imagination runs out. Mishra says your training is over, why did you come? Raj says that he came to get my things. He sings. Manmeet says to tell Mishra ji that she will send your stuff home. Mishra says just a pen and this paper. She says to distribute these sweets among everyone. Raj takes off his jacket. She asks what are you going for. Raj shows RK’s Swayamvar image on his shirt. Hussain asks if this is a joke. Raj says no I’m getting married someone asked me to do swayamvar so I thought ok girls started fighting over me whoever wins will become my wife.

Manmeet goes. Hussain says you can’t be serious. Raj says I’m serious, I’m getting married. He asks Mishra to keep the pen. He listens to Sharda asking everyone to come to the conference room, there are three days off starting tomorrow. Raj goes to Manmeet. She asks what are you doing. She says I’ve gone crazy, what’s wrong with you, what’s your behavior. She says my meeting is about to start, you don’t work here now. She says you don’t care about me. She says I’m still the same, I got childish in the middle, we’re always allies. She says okay, we spent a lot of time, I supported you. She says I’ll appreciate it. She says I thought we were friends. She says yes, but it costs too much. He asks her to understand. He holds her hand. He saw the employees coming. She starts the meeting. Ray looks at her. He takes Manmeet somewhere. She asks him to say, what is this? She says that we weren’t just co-workers, we became good friends, what’s wrong, I told you about my marriage, I thought you would try to stop it, you separated me from you, what happened, I’m sorry, tell me why.

She asks him to answer her first. She asks if you love me. She remembers the moments of her. she asks again. He asks are you crazy? She says I’m noticing, you call me a lot, you came to the office, no one invited you, you’re dreaming of me, I think there’s a reason, so I asked, what do you love me, we’re not teenagers, but mature adults, so I ask face it with maturity, do you love me? He pulls her closer.

It says that I look around you and that I just want to be with you, talk to you all the time. She walks away from her. She says you wanted to hear this, well maybe you love me. She asks are you crazy? She says we’re best friends, how did love happen? She says listen to me carefully, I am not blaming you, it was foolish to take you to Shimla as my fake husband, all the problems started there, you and I are different, our family background and life, we are becoming an obstacle in life On the other hand, I don’t know if your Sydney dream is to overcome any obstacle. Raj turns to leave. She stops him.

She says something. He asks why you tore up that paper, I thought we became good friends, I’m still the same, a spoiled rich brat, we’re different, okay, I’m going back to my world, you come back Don’t choose the path you’ll meet again Goodbye, we won’t see each other again. He’s leaving. Raj’s family talks to the matchmaker. Raj comes home. They say we don’t want services from him, he can go, he will get the fee from him. The woman leaves. Nirali says you said you were ready for marriage. He asks if dad is home. He goes to Bhairav. They all follow. Bhairav ​​asks what he did now. Nirali says that he fired the matchmaker. He asks Raj why you did this. Raj says I don’t need any matchmaker, I’m ready to marry anyone, you say I have a problem, I don’t want to do swayamvar, why do I see six girls when I want to marry one? Yes, you must have seen it for the marriage of many girls in your time. Bhairav ​​says that nonsense, I just tied up with your mother and married her. Raj says absolutely, I’m ready for marriage. Bhairav ​​asks Murari to light firecrackers at Raj’s wedding gate. She hugs Raj and says that you made me happy today. Nirali says you thought it through. Murari says I caught those thugs, will I catch them? Bhairav ​​says no, we will meet him after Diwali, keep an eye on him. He calls Gopal and gives him the good news. He says that I am proposing to my son for my daughter, everyone come home tomorrow, we will wait for you.

Manmeet comes to talk to Ajit and Puneet. Ajit says that I feel relaxed. Puneet says Raj took over, okay. He says that Raj won’t come to the office now. She says that he came for work, Sharda tells me. Manmeet says that she came to get his luggage and left, tell me what you want to know. Puneet doesn’t say anything, don’t worry. Manmeet asks why you called Sharda, you should have asked me directly. He asks why you called. Puneet says so what, can I talk to Sharda? Manmeet says I told you, she said she is getting married, she has swayamvar. Puneet asks if you didn’t say anything. Manmeet asks what should I say, what should I do, I am going to sleep, I have to organize Lakshmi Puja in the morning. She goes. Puneet says it’s rare. Manmeet and Raj miss each other. Raj says I said goodbye to her, why do I care? It’s time to change my status on social networks. He writes, The time to be single is over. He sleeps. Manmeet lies to sleep.

It’s morning, Manmeet does Rangoli and thinks of Raj. Puneet calls her outside and asks her what the problem is. Selfie taken by Manmeet with the family Raj check out the photos of her. He says that he didn’t check my status. Radhe arrives and asks him to get ready. Raj says I’ll come. They all dance. Raj asks what all this is. Bhairav ​​says that you will see your future wife for the first time, so she will be special. Manmeet is with her family. Bhairav ​​welcomes Gopal’s family. Gopal’s daughter Anisha is coming. Manmeet remembers Raj. Bhairav ​​introduced Gopal, his wife, his mother and his daughter. He says that she will be my bahu. Raj congratulates Anisha. She says I’m Anisha. Nirali asks Raj to show Anisha around the house. Anisha goes with him.

She says the family wants us to talk. Manmeet says I have a burning sensation in my eye. Puneet says that it means a good or bad omen. Manmeet says it’s just a vitamin D deficiency. Raj talks to Anisha. She talks about the Bfs of her. She says no one was serious, more than good friends, I thought you’d run away. Raj says no, it’s normal these days. She asks if you have any serious relationship. He says no, I liked someone who was interested in my dad’s bank balance, you can ask Radhe. She says that I have a lot of money, don’t doubt me, I want to live my life well, I want to enjoy, live and laugh. He asks if you are ready for marriage. She asks why not, I came here to meet your family, your father called me bahu, so don’t believe, you are my type too. He says let’s get married, do you want to sit at home or come with me. She says we’ll go. Puneet asks if she got her eye healed. Ajit says not to bother him. Puneet says that something good will happen. Raj drives Anisha home. He says this is Manmeet, my old boss, my guru, and this is Anisha, she will be my wife. Manmeet is shocked.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amena

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