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Sherdil Shergill 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Mr Yadav ousts Rajkumar from his house

Sherdil Shergill Nov 10, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Manmeet tells Mr. Yadav that Raj used to lie to him, he comes here twice a week to do monologues and even changes his identity to Mamaji Yadav, he caught her and asked someone to do it. Mr. Yadav has arrested her. Do anything

Manmeet explains that the second disease is the indecisive mind, as the person who proposes to the girl first reports that she is talking about Nikki and then finally proposes to Anisha, she prepared herself, Manmeet tells her that she needs serious treatment, she tells him that Nikki showed the video at the party and then Anisha asks for a DNA test, they are both relatives of hers but because they are questioning her, Manmeet says that she thought about it and agrees to give her the DNA of her son Anmol, she asks him to make sure this drama ends as she wants to keep their relationship as professional as she wants to be with him. Because mrs is shegrill while she is mr yadav, and someone else who is making that relationship is not true, Puneet asks manmeet to stop talking, she replies that he called them here so this dream could end.

Manmeet goes to Rajkumar and explains that he has told her before that they are both different and even their decision-making style is different, she mentions that she will not understand what she has to explain, so she was forced to take that step, she Sorry. the prince because she doesn’t love him, the prince is standing there, unable to move, his heart is broken.

Mr. Yadav is sitting in the house, Nirali asks how he said that Rajkumar is mentally unstable as it could break his face, Mr. Yadav says that she needs treatment because she cannot think clearly because Rajkumar stabbed her in the back and if any sin comes between them she does not let anyone go, the prince calls Shree Yadav who angrily goes to her and slaps her hard, he questions the prince if he did not tell him that he did not want this in his house, he is glad that Madame Shergill told her the truth, she begged the prince because she had already lost her brother in this drama. Mr. Yadav says that he can’t live in this house anymore because he has been given everything in life, so he doesn’t care, so Mr. Yadav goes back inside and explains that he has nothing to do with it. with them. he is emotionally broken.

Manmeet goes to the closet when Puneet asks her what she did today, Manmeet replies that she doesn’t want to talk but Puneet tells her that she is her mother but not an employee but Manmeet refuses to talk, Puneet forces her to agree when Manmeet asks. why she thinks that she has no feelings, when a boy comes to express that he loves her very much, she is also a girl. So even though she is the CEO, she still has feelings, Manmeet reveals that she loves him, even though she shows that she has all the memories of Shimla when she hated him three months ago, however, he felt very uncomfortable when he got engaged to Anisha and it seemed like it would break his heart when he knew she loved him, Puneet. he helps him sit down why he did all this today.

Manmeet questions what he should have done because when Rajkumar proposed to her, he said he would be with her all day and her father had also thought of their children’s names, Puneet questioned what was wrong when Manmeet asked where is Anmol in all this? ? she explains that Anmol is her life, and what if they both get married and Mr. Shergill says that they should send Anmol to her grandparents house and if she wants to go to her grandparents house. She will not part with the children. , Manmeet says that she can’t, and reveals that she will be able to live without her love because she knows that there will be no place for Anmol in Mr. Yadav’s house. Manmeet tells her that he would not like to see her face and that he will be angry with her, but she knows that he will move on with her life.

Rajkummar sits with his bag, thinking how Manmeet enjoys doing stand-up comedy twice a week, not understanding what he will do in the future.

In the morning Mr. Yadav is having breakfast when he sees that everyone is worried so he asks what is the matter, Nirali asks crying where Rajkumar will sleep for the night, Mr. Yadav replies that he will not come back to this house. The prince standing at the door calls out to his father, but when he tries to leave, Raj apologizes because he knows that Mr. Yadav was worried that he might meet the same fate as his uncle, but he never knew. allowed him to be an architect. his studies. In eight years, he decided to do stand-up comedy to fulfill his dreams and did not betray his father, but only chose his dreams, asked Mr. Yadav to give him Asked to be forgiven because he had finished dreams in the morning so he would never go to sydney, he turns to leave but mr yadav prevents him from asking when he corrected his ways because children make mistakes, but mother-father should forgive him, he asks the prince if he has something to eat, he tells him he replies that when Mr. Yadav asks him to go to his room to rest, the prince tells Mr. Yadav I love you Said, who says the same thing even before hugging the prince.

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