Sasural Simar Ka 2 June 23, 2022 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 June 23, 2022 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 June 23, 2022 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Jun 23, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

First of all: Simar sends a friend request to Ishita Chadda. She meets the girl. Ishita asks if she sends her friend request on social media. Simar says we are looking for a girl after Reyansh, we asked about you but he said that you are just a friend. Ishita says they are engaged and shows the ring. Aarav and Simar are shocked.

The episode begins with Simar coming into the room and remembering Badimaa’s words about Reyansh’s marriage. Aarav asks her where did she get lost? Simar asks do you need anything? He doesn’t say anything, but I understand what’s going on in your head. Simar says yes. He says we’ll go to the lawn and talk. They go to the lawn. Aarav says Badimaa is hurrying to make that decision. Simar says that everything Badimaa does is for good, experience is behind her thoughts. She says I’m afraid I can’t fulfill this duty. He asks her to consider it Badimaa’s blessing. She asks where to start and remembers seeing Reyansh’s phone. He says he feels sleepy and needs to sleep. Simar says I’ll bring water with me and thinks about starting planning tomorrow. Reyansh is dancing in his room and playing loud music. He thinks Reyansh was sleepy some time ago and is now listening to loud music, what’s the matter. Simar knocks on the door and calls him. He gets shocked and wears his clothes and sprays mouth freshener in his mouth. He opens the door. Simar comes in and looks at the messy room. She says you said you were tired. He says he needs time to adjust and has been listening to music. Simar says she will clean up the room. Reyansh says this is the bachelor’s room. Simar asks him about the lipstick stain. Reyansh apologizes. Simar asks him to say if he has a special friend. He says no. Simar says Badimaa has decided to marry you off and put me in charge of searching the girl. He says marriage and says he can’t be with a girl his whole life. He says he’s too young. Simar gives him the example of Aarav and Vivaan and asks him to say if there is a girl in his life. Reyansh says he doesn’t have a girl in his life and stays away from girls in real life. Simar finds the girls hair clip and asks if you tie it in your hair if it’s your cool look. Reyansh says you’re wrong. Simar asks what the girl’s voice I heard from outside is all about. He says it was radio. Simar gives him two options to tell about the girl or she will search the girl. She thinks she saw a girl’s name on the phone. She thinks of Ishita. Reyansh thinks Simar is very intelligent and considers using other family members to distract Simar. He comes to Chitra and says good morning. Chitra asks what will you have to eat? Reyansh says just worry about my food. He asks if you are still my mother. Chitra says I’m your only mother who loves you very much. Reyansh asks why Simar is looking for a bride for me. Chitra asks why? Reyansh says Badimaa put her in charge. He says you should look for me girls. Chitra asks him not to worry, saying only she will search the girl and not Simar.

Reema comes home and talks to the photographer. Vivaan asks how she got up and left early in the morning. Reema asks him to inquire like he inquired about her photoshoot budget, clothes, etc. He says he’s just worried about her. Reema says I’m trying without my husband’s support. Vivaan says do you think I don’t support you? He says you get auditions when I approached the producers and gave you your portfolio. He says I asked them to sign you and that’s why they called you. He says I can’t force you to get the job. She says she has talent and will get the job herself. She shows her pictures and says emphatically what you know. vivaan sys what work i have besides looking at you. He says you are the most stunning woman in the world but they don’t see you through my eyes and said you are very old. Reema asks if you are blind? They think more of my age. She says she can’t believe it. Vivaan says they are considering you for an advert in the role of Sister since you are Reema Oswal. He says I understand your dreams and hugs her. Reema asks him to stay away from her and asks him not to call a modeling agency or meet someone for her.

Simar ponders how to access Reyansh’s social media friends list since it’s private. She asks Aarav if she can check something on his phone. He says you are my wife and should order. Simar checks in his phone, thinking that Reyansh hasn’t been added. Vivaan says I just want to see you happy. Reema says I have to give a baby for that. Vivaan says everyone has the baby. Reema then says he should have married an average girl. Reyansh hears her and enters. He says if I post your pictures I’ll get suggestions for you. Vivaan asks if you are brother or foe. Reyansh says Reema can become a model. Reema really asks. She goes with him.

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Update credit to: H Hasan

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