Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Simar defeats Dida

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Simar defeats Dida

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Simar defeats Dida

Sasural Simar Ka 2, Jan 5, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The Episode begins with Arindam bringing the magic mirror and the bottles in her bag. She says my love and the Roy Chowdhury family. Dida laughs and says that the Roy family is together, together. She takes out the bottles and puts them on the table. She asks if they didn’t understand that all her souls will go behind the mirror and the souls of my family members will enter her body. She says that I will get all my family members after a long time. She says that she misses Dabru. He whistles. Dabru comes out of the closet and calls Arindam boss. Arindam hits Aarav. Simar says not to kill him and pleads with him. Dabru comes there. Arindam runs to her and hugs her. Dida says dabru shona. He tells Dabru that they will get the family back from him. Deeda asks Dabru if he has hit her. Dabru shakes his head and tells Arindam that they are not trustworthy and that they are playing him. She says that Simar doesn’t love you. Arindam reaches Simar and Aarav. Simar takes Aarav’s hand and says that I only love Aarav ji, telling him that it is impossible to separate them. Arindam says that I really love you. Simar says it was crazy. Arindam apologizes to her for ignoring Dida’s doubts and trusting Simar. She says you have to answer me, Simar. He asks Dida to start the havan and asks Simar to play.

Dida says that now she will play her destiny. She puts her belongings in the Havan Kund. Chitra and another smile. Dida thinks if they want to say goodbye to tata and throws her belongings into the havan fire. The bottles begin to break and the spirits of her familiars move into the mirror. Dida is shocked and asks what she did. She wonders if they have exchanged her belongings with our relative’s belongings. She tries to stop the spirit of all the family members and asks Arindam to do something. Arindam tries to extinguish the fire in the havan. All the spirits disappear inside the mirror. Dida cries, all her hopes and desires shattered. , Vivaan arrives there and says that where there is support from family, even death bows down. A fb is shown, Vivaan reaches out to his family members as they were preparing for the havan. Giriraj says that we are making havan for you. Vivaan says that this is a dangerous game and that we have to play and win. He says that we will support Aarav and Simar. Reema and Vivaan exchange their belongings with the belongings of Dida’s relative. Facebook ends. Vivaan and Reema go downstairs. Sasural simar ka khelta hai… Everyone is together.

Simar approaches Dida and tells her that when you couldn’t bear this pain, how can you give the same pain to others? Dida says that my family had died prematurely. Simar says that my family is alive. She says that you should have been glad that your family got saved. Dida says that you have hurt my Arindam’s feelings. Simar says that you have made mistakes, but you have been caught because you have faced the Milan of the Oswal family. Vivaan says that nothing can be tolerated in front of us. Aarav says that we will always be together. Reema says that we will die, but we will not let anything bad happen to us. Simar says that whoever is wrong, got justice. Dida says that she will not forgive Simar and will kill her today. She breaks Simar’s idol and says that it is broken, Simar is finished and so is his pride. Arindam smiled. She then she is surprised. Dida asks if you are not happy, I have taken your revenge. Arindam nods. Dida turns around to see that Simar is okay. She says that Simar should have died by now. Simar says that when I have family support and Aarav ji is with me, nothing can happen. She says that Aarav ji had already given me the safety circle. She remembers that Aarav gave her the money band. Dida is about to remind Arindam, when Simar says that it is the support and unity of the family.

Precap will be added at some point.

Update credit: H Hassan

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