Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav meets with an accident

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav meets with an accident

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav meets with an accident

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Nov 3, 2022 Episode Written Update On UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Badima telling Aarav that he will give or throw the idol to someone, but he will take it out of our house. Badima asks Reyansh to have food. He says that he is fine. Arav leaves. Reema and Vivaan return home. Vivaan asks where Bhai is going in anger. Simar tries to get out and the door closes. They all try to open the door. Aarav starts driving and sees Murthy. He sees light coming out of the idol’s eyes and drives in a state of samadhi. He gets into an accident as soon as he hits the wall. The door opens. Simar and others heard the crash. They run out of the house to witness Aarav’s car accident. shouts Simar Aarav ji. They see Aarav bleeding. Simar says that I won’t let anything happen to you, since the idol is on Aarav’s lap; Sandhya and Chitra come out and see. Simar and Vivaan remove the idol from Aarav’s lap. Reyansh calls an ambulance.

They take him to the hospital. Simar blames herself for Aarav’s accident. Badima asks him not to blame himself and says that Aarav is fighting life or death. Vivaan says that he is a hero and that nothing will happen to him. Badima says that she cannot forgive herself. Chitra says that they have sent Aarav there and now he is crying. Giriraj asks what you are saying in Bengali. Chitra says nothing. She looks at the bracelet on her hand. Reema thinks she knows. Sandhya speaks to Chitra in Bengali. Gajendra and Giriraj are shocked to see their wives speaking Bengali. Gajendra says that Sandhya is not reacting, that she is not worried about Aarav.

Simar and Badima pray to Mata Rani. Simar says that Mata Rani will not leave us alone, we have to trust her. She says my Aarav ji will be fine, before the ghee in the lamp runs out, today is the test of my devotion. Badima Mata asks Rani to give Aarav long life and get him out of harm’s way. She says you can’t break our trust, she saved our family from collapse. Simar performs aarti with a lamp in his hand, while Badima Mata pleads for Aarav’s life in front of the queen and asks her to perform some miracles. The doctor comes out and says that Aarav has deep wounds and is bleeding profusely. He says we don’t think we can save him, but his prayer worked, now he is out of danger. Simar holds Diya and is grateful to Mata Rani. Badima says you have saved our family. Simar hugs her and cries. Gajendra asks about her. The doctor says that she has sustained injuries and must remain in the hospital. Badima asks him to organize the doctor at home and says that she wants to take him home. The doctor says there are a lot of pending tests. Badima says to complete it. Simar asks the doctor if he can see him. The doctor asked him to watch from afar. Simar sees Aarav through the window pane and thanks Mata Rani for saving him.

Badima and Simar prepare a room for Aarav. Reema and Vivaan reach Badima and tell her that they need to talk to her. Badima goes to talk to them. Reema shows the photo of her bracelet in the newspaper and says that it belongs to the Roy family. She says that they went to the library and got all the information. Vivaan says that she used to give this bracelet to her daughter-in-law. Reema says that this bracelet was later stolen. Vivaan says that after losing this bracelet, he faced many problems, the business suffered, his house and his factory burned down. He says that all the members of the family died one after another and one thing was common, the relationship of the fire with all those deaths. Badima says that we already had so many problems, why are we going to listen to this story? She says we have nothing to do with this story. Simar says that we have a connection and says that the merchant and Sadhvi ji died in the same way, and you also have burn marks. Badima asks Reema and Vivaan to find out about her and she says that she will throw the idol, bracelet and anklet out of the house. She says that I will not leave any problem on my Aarav and my family for Murthy. The idol is shown nearby.

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